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Turkish citizenship for real estate – why is it worth investing?

It seemed that with an increase in the amount of investment in the summer of 2022, there would be fewer applicants for Turkish citizenship for the purchase of real estate who wanted to participate in this program. However, the popularity of Turkey as a country for alternative citizenship is still at a high level due to three key factors.

The first factor
is that real estate in Istanbul is a very good asset that will not bring losses to the investor. Recall that in three years you can sell the acquired real estate, while the passport will remain forever.
The second factor
is the low cost of living compared to many Western countries, as well as the UAE, with high transport accessibility.
The third factor
is the procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship one of the most accessible in terms of the number of steps and checks, as well as terms.

In early September 2022, Turkish presidential adviser, member of the presidential council on economic policy, Yigit Bulut, said that at least a million people would come from the EU to spend the winter in Turkey. In favor of such a statement is the special political and economic situation of the country, which is unlikely to be affected by the energy crisis. Whereas Europe, approaching low temperatures, will not please property owners with utility bills. Istanbul will definitely be the key direction for renting housing, since in the south of the country, life is almost quiet outside the high holiday season. Since you can choose any real estate to participate in the passport program, if only for the required amount, we recommend paying attention to Istanbul.

???? How to obtain Turkish citizenship for investments? ????  

The cost of participation in the program consists of an investment in real estate of $400,000 (the amount has been increased from June 12, 2022) + government fees + payment of APEX services legal registration + tax on the purchase of real estate.

Luxury apartments in the new district, Bashaksehir

The urbanization of this area is facilitated by the proximity to the New Istanbul Airport and a new medical center built in Bashaksehir. The project consists of one high-rise building with apartments of four different types, such as 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1. Each apartment has a balcony, separate kitchen, large bathroom and laundry. On the other floors of the building are infrastructure, including a five-star hotel. From each residential floor, you can easily take an elevator down to the Mall of Istanbul. From the building there is direct access to the 9M metro line. Sultan Selim’s bridge is 30 km away, the FSM bridge is 22 km away.

Apartment 154 m2, 3 + 1, $805,000

Buying residential property in Turkey entitles you to apply for “Turkish Citizenship”.

New high-end residential block in the Üsküdar district

The project is in one of the most beautiful coastal places in Istanbul. Old streets and distinctive historic buildings are the main components of Kandilli’s aesthetic. Next to the project, on the banks of Kandilli, the famous Cyprus mansion is also located. The location is close to the wharf, making it easy to get to the European side by ferry. All apartments have a master bedroom with a private bathroom, as well as a balcony or terrace. A separate entrance leads to the kitchen, the countertops are covered with marble. In the bathrooms, the walls and floors are also covered with marble, equipped with high-quality plumbing and furniture.

Apartment 2 + 1 with an area of ​166 m2 – $975,000

Buying residential property in Turkey entitles you to apply for “Turkish Citizenship”.

New project on the shores of the Sea of Marmara with a marina

The project has both apartments and individual villas. The location is 20 minutes to Ataturk airport, 5 minutes from the main E5 highway, with which you can get to any part of the city, and 9 km from the Tüyap Fair Convention Center.  The project’s 1.5 km long coastal beach has a marina with a capacity of 500 yachts. And also, on the territory of the complex there is a shopping center, a five-star hotel, a hospital, a school, a water sports and riding club, and a sports center.

Apartments 2 + 1 from $677,000

Buying residential property in Turkey entitles you to apply for “Turkish Citizenship”.

Starting from the beginning of 2022 applicants can pay for an investment in US dollars, without converting them into Turkish lira.

Remote purchase of real estate and application to the program. You can select an object from APEX offers and start the process of processing it, including opening accounts, remotely via APEX. The application can include an investor, spouse (s) and children under 18 years old. Get the full costing on request from APEX experts.

For investors we offer a wide range of Second Citizenships Programs to choose from. Please, contact Apex Capital Partners to get more information and ask personal questions. You can get free consultation from Apex Capital Partners on the program of Citizenship of Montenegro, Portugal’s Golden Visa, Turkey. As well as Cyprus, Caribbean (Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua), Canada Start-Up Visa. Ask your question – info@apexcap.org, atannous@apexcap.org

If you are a private banking specialist, a family lawyer, or work as a financial consultant in Middle East, Africa, China or any other region of the world, do not hesitate to contact Apex Capital Partners and become a partner, a part of our strong professional network. APEX has all the main local agent licenses to work with Second Citizenships Programs: from Caribbean to European (Montenegrin CIP). Please contact – Armand Tannous, atannous@apexcap.org

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