Sound planning begins as a partnership with expert advisors who can empower you to make informed decisions. Apex Capital Partners Corp.’s consultants and our suite of services are available to support you, at all stages of wealth planning and execution.

APEX advisors first conduct a detailed financial analysis and risk assessment, then implement a strategy fully customized to achieve your financial goals.

Wealth planning gives direction to financial decision-making and can help protect your family’s assets.

Business Relocations


Find a new home for your family and business: government investment programs provide a host of customizable options to suit investors’ objectives. APEX offers services and assistance in navigating the complexities of Citizenship by Investment Programs, immigration policies, and foreign investment in a host of countries.

Tax Planning


Accumulating wealth requires careful consideration of your financial and personal circumstances, as well as the tax implications of your portfolio. Income and estate tax are implicated in all aspects of financial planning. Structuring an appropriate mix of investments will ensure favorable returns and lower your overall tax expenditures.

Trusts and Foundations


APEX is a licensed agent for International Business Companies, trusts and foundations. Our team is uniquely positioned to offer clients the benefit of two decades of experience, and continuous monitoring of the legislative landscape of each country with which we work.


APEX sells and develops real estate internationally. Learn more about our end-to-end client representation and project management from concept to completion.


Offering a comprehensive suite of financial and advisory services, APEX assists clients in navigating the complexities of international investing.

Financial Planning

APEX empowers clients with a range of investment advice, enabling more informed decision-making and the accomplishment of their financial goals.

Julie Boursiquot

Julie Boursiquot,
Vice-President, International operations and business development

«Comprehensive financial planning is about making the most of your financial resources to make your dreams happen, no matter what your goals are. Financial planning is very important for you and your family: it is your ticket to financial freedom in the future.»