The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program, in several different versions, was launched in 2012 at the initiative of the local government. The current version of the program, the Development Support Program (DSP), entered the market in 2017. From the beginning of 2023 Vanuatu, in collaboration with the European Commission, is working on reforms that will eventually affect the citizenship screening process.

The fastest second citizenship by investment program in the world in 2023 by the moment. At the end of 2022, the EU suspended visa-free travel for Vanuatu citizens, but the country is asserting its right to return the privilege. While this issue is being resolved – it’s time to apply, before the procedure is complicated due to requirements from the EU.

It is expected that there will be more complex due diligence and bank compliance, the requirements will be tougher, and there will be a ban on changing the name and surname for new citizens of Vanuatu. In February 2023, it was announced that the EU had postponed until August 3, 2024, the deadline for the Vanuatu authorities to introduce changes that would allow them to maintain visa-free entry to the Schengen area for all their citizens.

According to the situation at the beginning of 2023, citizens of Vanuatu who received passports for investment cannot visit EU countries without a visa, including Switzerland, which has joined the European Commission initiative. 

Vanuatu citizenship program’s key advantage is the speed of processing — about two months. As well as the absence of restrictions on the admission of candidates. If you dreamed of getting alternative citizenship quickly, this is your chance! 

Vanuatu gained independence from the UK and France in 1980, but is still part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which means it maintains a connection with Great Britain as a partner with the right to visa-free entry. Vanuatu is only 12,190 km² of land in the South Pacific.

The country consists of 83 islands, of which 68 are inhabited and have a length of more than 1300 km. Vanuatu’s closest neighbors are Australia and New Zealand. Close relations have been developed with these countries in all spheres.

vanuatu citizenship

— A simplified and efficient application process. Neutral alternative citizenship in 2 months.

— Visa-free entry to 103 countries (data as of the beginning of 2023), including the UK (180 days a year), as well as Hong Kong, Singapore.

— For individuals, there are no taxes on income, wealth, inheritance, capital gains and exports.

— This program is valid for the applicant’s spouse, his children, as well as parents.


— Minimum personal net assets of at least USD 250,000

— Payment of government fees.

— Applicants must submit to a security screening.

— No minimum presence requirements.


Donation to the Government Fund starting at

USD 130,000 for single applicant

and USD 180,000 for a family of four.

Please note that mandatory government fees will be added to the declared investment amounts. As well as legal support services. Request a cost calculation from APEX.

Apex Capital Partners

Apex Capital Partners  specialists will provide professional legal support, advise at all stages while obtaining Vanuatu citizenship, and will also prepare all necessary documents.

The European Commission has postponed the complete abolition of the "visa-free" for Vanuatu for 18 months

On February 3, 2023, the deadline set by the EU for the Vanuatu authorities to bring the local citizenship by investment program into line with European regulators expired. As a result, the “last frontier” was postponed to August 3, 2024. As a reminder, on March 4, 2022, the European Commission introduced a partial ban restricting entry for Vanuatu citizens with passports issued after May 25, 2015 (under the CIP). However, the Vanuatu authorities continue to fight for the right of visa-free entry into the Schengen area for their citizens. Moreover, Vanuatu has already managed to get the EC officially involved in reforming the citizenship by investment program, which already indicates that Europe has changed its position from “urgently needs to be closed” to “needed to be reformed”.

Caribbean citizenship by investment


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Apex Capital Partners has experience in the real estate market. This allows you to find reliable developers around the world whose projects allow you to obtain citizenship for real estate.


Apex Capital Partners Corp. is a full-service government mandated advisory firm specializing in second citizenship and investor immigration programs for a multinational clientele.

APEX provides services with end-to-end execution for many HNWI, representing them to Citizenship by investment programs in countries around the world.

Nuri Katz,
Founder of Apex Capital Partners Corp.

«Dual citizenship isn’t a political gesture; clients view this as an asset to their business or brand. Vanuatu citizenship is a tool for doing business, similar to an exclusive club membership, to be leveraged as necessary»..

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