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With our vast international reach, including the pivotal U.S. market, we offer our esteemed clients unique avenues to diversify their portfolios across multiple currencies. Dive deeper to explore the vast horizons in real estate, hospitality, and startups, all curated and backed by the Apex promise.


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An Investment In Luxury, A Passport To Paradise.

In the heart of Antigua lies Hodges Bay Resort and Spa, a paragon of unmatched luxury, effortlessly merging untouched beaches and elite amenities. Here, the definition of luxury is reimagined—experience champagne check-ins and be enveloped by a personalized 5-star service, all while the island’s gentle breezes whisper promises of relaxation. The resort’s bespoke residences are tailored for comfort, with an underpinning bohemian elegance that exudes both freedom and tranquility. The dedicated team at Hodges Bay will greet you by name, solidifying the genuine warmth and hospitality of this Caribbean haven.

Represented by the esteemed APEX Capital Partners, Hodges Bay stands as a testament to Caribbean sophistication. We present an unparalleled opportunity: an investment in this distinguished property paired with the added allure of a coveted secondary passport. Our APEX experts are poised to facilitate your seamless transition into both an opulent residence and a prosperous future in this enthralling island environment. With a fully secured fractional share available at USD 200,000, choosing Hodges Bay isn’t just a sound financial move—it’s an immersion into an everlasting world of elegance and panoramic beauty.

Stay open LA

A Melting Pot of Connections and Values

In sought-after locales like Venice Beach and the upcoming expansions in Santa Monica, Stay Open presents a distinctive approach to luxury accommodations. Recognizing a gap in the market, Stay Open masterfully leverages underutilized real estate, providing an antidote to escalating traveler costs. This venture has skillfully redefined the hostel concept, introducing upscale, private sleeping pods that cater to the discerning traveler’s tastes.

Since its Venice Beach inception in October 2021, dubbed ‘The Lab’, Stay Open has rapidly gained traction, addressing an unmet need in the hospitality sector. Beyond its innovative lodging model, Stay Open stands as a beacon for community. In just a year, the brand has amassed a community of nearly 5,000 enthusiasts, fostering both individual enrichment and collective welfare. For high-net-worth investors eyeing strategic opportunities in prime real estate and hospitality sectors, Stay Open represents a compelling blend of luxury, affordability, and community-driven growth.

Real Estate

Ocean Grove

A Caribbean Oasis

Dive into the epitome of Caribbean luxury at Ocean Grove, nestled within the exclusive Sandy Bank Bay enclave at Christophe Harbour. These two-bedroom bungalows seamlessly blend indoor elegance with the allure of outdoor living, epitomizing the West Indian Colonial Caribbean style. Rich mahogany doors and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams elegantly contrast with the cool stone floors and stucco walls, offering an ambiance that’s both opulent and inviting. Floor-to-ceiling glass elevates the open entertaining areas, extending living spaces to verandas that boast tropical wood and coral stone, all set against the backdrop of lush outdoors.

But Ocean Grove is more than just a home; it’s a lifestyle. Ownership grants coveted Christophe Harbour Club Membership, ensuring you always have the luxury of choice, from the exclusivity of The Pavilion beach club to tennis courts and serene hiking trails. Plus, the proximity to the picturesque superyacht marina and village, the renowned SALT Plage beach bar, and the soon-to-be Tom Fazio Golf Course guarantees an unmatched Caribbean experience.

The villas, starting at $1,475,000, are free-standing turnkey masterpieces. And with Phase Two now open for sale, the allure of Ocean Grove’s limited collection is undeniable. Each villa comes fully furnished, making it a hassle-free paradise escape or an enticing option within the Rental and Property Management Program. Furthermore, ownership here sets you on a path to more than just a home; it offers eligibility for Citizenship by Investment.


The Epitome Of Luxury Living

Nestled in the heart of Harleston Village on the Downtown Peninsula, Halsey Park Townhomes redefine opulence. With sweeping views of the City Marina, residents can savor the stunning Ashley River vistas right from the comfort of their homes. But the luxury isn’t confined indoors. Venture up to the expansive rooftop terrace—equipped with outdoor gas fireplaces, it’s a haven for al fresco dining or a cozy evening under the stars. Accessibility is paramount; a four-stop elevator ensures you effortlessly reach your terrace retreat.

Within each townhome, the craftsmanship is evident. Open floor plans boast broad views, accentuated by 10-foot ceilings in second-floor living spaces and 9-foot ceilings in the first-level bedrooms. The stucco exteriors are complemented by custom entry doors and natural stone landings. The gourmet kitchens, adorned with stone countertops and custom cabinetry, come fitted with top-tier appliances. Residents can relish spa-like experiences with ceramic tile baths and frameless, glass-enclosed showers. Oak hardwood floors grace the living areas, while the living rooms are warmed by gas log fireplaces. In an ode to modern living, the townhomes feature whole-house structured wiring, tankless water heaters, and energy-efficient windows.


Discover Halsey Park—the zenith of townhome living

Rising Ventures


The Future Of Eggs, Minus The Chicken

Hailing from San Francisco, Eat Just, Inc. is reshaping the way we think about eggs. Founded by visionaries Josh Tetrick and Josh Balk in 2011, the company has passionately developed plant-based egg alternatives, challenging traditional conventions. By 2016, their innovation earned them unicorn status, surpassing a $1 billion valuation.

At the heart of Eat Just’s mission is a love for eggs in all their culinary glory. However, they firmly believe that the best eggs aren’t hatched but are grown from plants. Their aim? To end the unsustainable mass production inherent in the current egg industry. For Eat Just, relishing the rich experience of eggs and championing a sustainable future aren’t mutually exclusive. They envision a world where delicious eggs not only tantalize the palate but also contribute positively to our planet.


Revolutionizing Sound Through Haptic Innovation

Woojer is a trailblazer in haptic technology, carving a niche in an industry poised for exponential growth. With a seasoned team of visionaries and a robust patent portfolio, Woojer offers unparalleled products that translate sound into tangible sensation.

The Vest 3, retailing at $599.00, epitomizes 360° immersive experiences, combining cutting-edge technology with premium design for optimal user engagement. Meanwhile, the portable Strap 3, priced at $229.00, caters to the on-the-go audiophile, offering an immersive experience anytime, anywhere.

Both products harness Woojer’s patented Osci™ TRX2 transducer technology, guaranteeing rich and precise haptic feedback. But beyond products, Woojer represents a lucrative opportunity for investors. With a track record of disruptive innovations and backed by industry leaders, Woojer is not just redefining sound – it’s shaping the future of multimedia interaction.

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