Caribbean Citizenship


Second passport is a document that help citizens of a specific country become citizens of another country after meeting specific requirements or making economical contributions. In the majority of countries, the programs granting this type of citizenship are designed to ensure contribution to the welfare and advancement of the host state. Caribbean citizenship by investment is allowed in Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Kitts & Nevis.

If you are seeking for retirement, economic citizenship in Caribbean countries is the best and simplest way to achieve that. It is gaining popularity among the families with a high net worth because it offers a genuine way to make dream vacation permanent while earning some income.

Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are real in this region, and after taking all the steps you’ll acquire a very strong passport that offers free travel through visas to many countries of the world. Currently, these countries are offering discounts on fees for getting second passports. Keep in touch with Apex Capital Partners to learn more about charge reductions and take advantage of the current prices that are extremely low.

Acquiring a second passport in Caribbean countries has many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Application for Caribbean countries’ citizenship by investment takes 120 days at the max.
Free visa travel to over 100 countries.
Caribbean industry shows major trends of transparency, security, and experience that you will need to succeed as an investor.

Caribbean citizenship. Comparative table by country

OptionSt. Kitts & NevisGrenadaDominicaSt. LuciaAntigua & Barbuda
Year established19842013199320162013
Min. Investment option (Fund)$150 000$150 000$100 000$100 000$100 000
Returnable investment in the fundXXX$250 000X
Real Estate option$200 000$220 000$200 000$300 000$200 000
Minimum holding period7 years5 years5 years5 years5 years
Visa free entry (UK & EU)VVVVV
Visa free countries156143135144147
No requirement of residence or visit XXXXX
Visa free entry to RussiaVVVXV
Resale and subsequent buyer to qualify for CIPVVVXX
Internationally recognised & accredited universityVVXVV
Visa free entry to ChinaXVXXX
Possibility to obtain a long-term US visa (10 years)VVVVV
E-2 treaty with USXVXXX
Addition of siblingsXVVVX
Addition of parentsVVVVV
Dependent children above 18VVVVV
Citizenship can be inheritedVVVVV


European Citizenship by Investment is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. We will answer the questions where can I get second passport EU and what countries would be interesting for EU citizenship through investment?


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