In February 2022, it became possible to apply for Turkish citizenship by investments under the current program completely remotely: without opening an account with a Turkish bank, without visiting the Turkish consulate and without arriving in Turkey. Of course, this is a significant argument now in favor of choosing this program.

And also from 2022, you can, if desired, pay for an investment in US dollars, without converting them into Turkish lira.

It is known that the program “Turkish Citizenship by Investments” has existed since 2017, but few people then paid serious attention to it. Since the size of the minimum investment was 1 million US dollars. Now Turkish citizenship can be obtained for such an option as buying real estate, investing not less than USD 400,000 (since 12th of June 2022).

Investor may sell this real estate in three years, while retaining citizenship. It is important to weigh whether this program meets your personal goals.

Apex Capital Partners specialists of the company will provide professional legal support, consult at all stages, while Turkish citizenship is being processed. And therefore, they will prepare all the necessary documents.

Turkish citizenship

– This is a very quick program to attend. Only 6 months takes the process itself after submitting documents. If there is a desire to change your status as soon as possible, that is, to issue a second citizenship once and for all.
– This is a country quite close where you can live by the sea.
– At the same time, Turkey in the business plan may become a pass to the Eurasian market.
– You purchase real estate, and do not pay any contributions to the fund. Only USD 400,000 (since 12th of June 2022) for your property, your asset, and legal clearance services plus small fees.
– Investor may apply together with the spouse and children under 18 years of age.
– All required documents may be filed remotely.
– Turkish Citizenship gives the right of visa-free entry to 110 countries of the world. Including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Brazil, Georgia, Qatar.
– Turkish citizens can apply for an E-2 investor visa to US.


– Buying living or commercial real estate
– Must hold for 3 years
– Investor may purchase one or more real estate objects.
– It is allowed to rent out the property purchased under the program and earn income.

OPTION 1. Real Estate*

Real estate (living or commercial) investment of USD 400,000** minimum) plus government fees


* There are other options in the program, but we suggest paying attention to real estate.

** Since 12th of June 2022

Please note that mandatory government fees will be added to the declared investment amounts. As well as legal support services. Request a cost calculation from Apex Capital Partners.

How to choose real estate for obtaining Turkish citizenship

For those who want to choose an interesting real estate project with good profitability, APEX specialists will offer profitable solutions.

Turkish Citizenship: Processing Costs

The cost of participation in the program consists of a $400,000 real estate investment + APEX legal fees + property purchase tax. There are no large state fees, unlike other citizenship programs.

With the help of APEX, you will be able to pass a preliminary check and assess your chances of obtaining Turkish citizenship, properly prepare a package of documents under the close attention and with the assistance of APEX specialists, apply for participation in the Turkish Citizenship for the Purchase of Real Estate program, receive full legal support for a transaction with real estate, use the services of a tax consultant. We will present a large catalog of real estate objects in Turkey for your choice, including profitable offers for the purchase of apartments in branded projects.

European citizenship by investment


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Apex Capital Partners has experience in the real estate market. This allows you to find reliable developers around the world whose projects allow you to obtain citizenship for real estate.


Apex Capital Partners Corp. is a full-service government mandated advisory firm specializing in second citizenship and investor immigration programs for a multinational clientele.

APEX provides services with end-to-end execution for many HNWI, representing them to Citizenship by investment programs in countries around the world.

Nuri Katz,
Founder of Apex Capital Partners Corp.

«The company’s specialists will provide professional legal support in obtaining Turkish citizenship, advise at all stages, while citizenship is being issued. And therefore, they will prepare all the necessary documents.»

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