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Apex Capital Partners Corp. is a full-service advisory firm specializing in investment consulting and wealth management for a multinational, high-net-worth clientele. APEX provides services with end-to-end execution in areas such as second citizenship and immigration, wealth and asset management, financial services, and international real estate sale and development.

Apex Capital Partners

Apex Capital Partners Corp. won a migration award “TOP25 of 2021” from the largest global investment immigration magazine, Uglobal Immigration Magazine.

Nuri Katz
Saint Lucia Passport

St. Lucia

Passport of Saint-Lucia

For returnable investments
Only until the end of the 2022
Unique offer on the market.

Montenegro Passport


Breaking News!

Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program Program was extended for a period of one year (until the end of 2022). But on new terms.

Second passport

Governments have developed Citizenship by Investment Programs offering permanent residency and second citizenship to high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Boka Place, Porto Montenegro

The experience of Apex Capital Partners with the real estate market allows us to find reliable developers around the world whose projects allow you to obtain citizenship for real estate.


Apex Capital Partners Corp. provides comprehensive financial guidance to enhance portfolio performance with increased flow of capital. APEX also provides registration services for funds, trusts, and international corporations.

3 simple steps of cooperation with us

Confidential file assessment
We will analyse your financial portfolio and personal documents and advise the best suitable program tailored to your needs
File preparation by a personal manager
We will make the process of gathering the necessary documents as easy as possible
Follow-up with local authorities
We will be in contact with the immigration departments each stage of the file

Your confidentiality is our highest priority

Locally licensed international reach

Locally licensed international reach

Close to 30 years of experience

More than 30 years of experience




Let us know if you need more information about Citizenship by Investment Programs or other investment options and our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.


Participation in the investment citizenship program is a great chance to become a citizen of another country with all due rights. And as a result, you get a lot of new opportunities in your personal and business life. Apex Capital Partners are always ready to help you understand the diversity of existing investment citizenship programs. And help you get a second citizenship as a licensed agent.

Which countries grant second citizenship for investment?

Not many countries offer investment citizenship. However, the number of existing programs is constantly expanding.

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Need more information about Citizenship by Investment Programs or other investment options? Send us a message and our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.

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