Citizenship of Vanuatu for single applicant or for a family. How to apply in 2024

Citizenship of Vanuatu

In 2024, the Citizenship of Vanuatu program is still the fastest processing program in the world. And also, one of the most optimal in terms of costs. And also, one of the most optimal in terms of costs. In fact, this is a unique offer on the market that should not be missed. Especially because there are all the prerequisites for requirements to change, not for the better. In recent months, there has been a global trend towards tightening requirements for participants in such programs and raising the minimum investment level. In particular, in March 2024, four Caribbean countries signed a Memorandum according to which they want to raise the amount to $200,000 (USD) no later than June 30, 2024. Thus, Vanuatu may remain the only country on the market that offers citizenship for a contribution of $130,000 (USD) per applicant. It is obvious that the Vanuatu authorities, due to demand, may also increase the investment threshold in the foreseeable future.

Vanuatu is a small country (non-Caribbean), not far from Australia and New Zealand, in the South Pacific Ocean, consisting of 83 islands. However, like the Caribbean, Vanuatu has a completely remote citizenship by investment process. The Vanuatu Citizenship program is valid for the applicant’s spouse, his children, and parents.

Vanuatu Citizenship for Investors.Classic solution

The main option for obtaining a Vanuatu passport, which is chosen by 90% of applicants, is a non-refundable contribution to the state development fund in the amount of $130,000 (USD) per applicant or $180,000 (USD) for a family of four. Apex Capital Partners has accumulated significant expertise in the preparation and successful submission of documents for this option.

Features of the process of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship

Please note that, according to the general procedure for obtaining Vanuatu citizenship, the applicant first passes all checks, and only then transfers the main investment amount. Unlike the process for obtaining Caribbean citizenship, in the Vanuatu program, candidates take an oath (not an interview) as part of the naturalization procedure after their application is approved. That is, this procedure does not affect the issuance of a passport, since it is a formality.

Citizenship of Vanuatu
Vanuatu citizenship for families. Option with Coconut Fund – CNO Future Fund

The new investment option is built around ecology and local industry as part of the government’s program. According to the plan, Vanuatu will be using only climate-friendly fuels by 2030. The goal of the company, CNO Future Fund Ltd., however, is to generate profits by structuring a diversified investment portfolio. But local industries and the renewable energy sector will be prioritized through investments in the coconut oil industry.

CNO Future Fund Ltd says it plans to increase its net asset value by at least 20% over the first 5 years of the investment. Therefore, there is a possibility that after 5 years the investor will be able to return $50,000 (USD), but there are no guarantees.

Why is the Coconut Fund option more economically beneficial for an investor when applying for Vanuatu citizenship for a family? 

The minimum investment is $165,000 (USD), including due diligence costs. But the amount is calculated for 1-4 applicants. That means that an main applicant and three dependent family members may apply for investment of $165,000 (USD) (+ $26,500 for each additional family member if needed). Whereas the cost of a “classic” fund per family will be $180,000(USD).You can obtain Vanuatu citizenship through the CNO Future Fund option through Apex Capital Partners.

Citizenship of Vanuatu
Access to Europe

Please note that the right to visa-free entry into the EU zone for Vanuatu citizens has been suspended. The Last Stand has been moved to August 3rd, 2024. By this date, the European Commission and the Vanuatu authorities will have to make changes to the program and procedure that will satisfy the requirements of European parliamentarians. That is, it is quite possible that this privilege will be returned to the Vanuatu people.

How to apply via APEX

Apex Capital Partners has extensive expertise in preparing and submitting applications to the Vanuatu program. You can request a free consultation and a full cost estimate for participation in the program by indicating the desired number and age of family members to apply. APEX will provide upon request full information on what types of transfers (including cryptocurrencies) are currently possible for transferring funds under the Vanuatu program.

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