Citizenship of Vanuatu for single applicant or for a family. How to apply in 2024

Citizenship of Vanuatu

The new investment option is built around ecology and local industry as part of the government’s program. According to the plan, Vanuatu will be using only climate-friendly fuels by 2030. The goal of the company, CNO Future Fund Ltd., however, is to generate profits by structuring a diversified investment portfolio. But local industries and the renewable energy sector will be prioritized through investments in the coconut oil industry. Why is the Coconut Fund option more economically beneficial for an investor when applying for Vanuatu citizenship for a family?

Vanuatu Citizenship in 2023: Investment options review

Vanuatu Citizenship

Recently, information appeared in the press that the authorities of Vanuatu, a small state in the Pacific Ocean, will offer investors an alternative option for contributing to the fund. Namely, to invest in another fund, coconut, as part of the environmental initiative program to switch to climate-friendly fuels by 2030.

Citizenship of Vanuatu. How to get a neutral passport quickly?

Citizenship of Vanuatu

Citizenship of Vanuatu is very convenient CIP in terms of processing applications. Especially if to compare with the processing of programs in the Caribbean region, which slowed down under the influence of many factors during 2022. Now for those wishing to obtain, for example, the citizenship of Grenada, the processing of the application is 8-12 months. Whereas Vanuatu citizenship can be obtained in 2-3 months. Moreover, like the Caribbean programs, this one is completely remote.

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