Lisboa Airport Hotel
Portugal’s Golden Visa for investment in Lisboa Airport Hotel

At a moment when the reputation of Portugal’s immigration authorities was in jeopardy due to a bureaucratic crisis, SEF has again resumed work on accepting and processing applications for a Golden Visa. This applies both to the processing of old applications that were waiting for their turn and the reception of new ones. Note that pause lasted for half a year. Portugal’s Borders and Immigration Service, the SEF, hasn’t been accepting new applications (regardless of nationality) since December 2021 until the late June 2022.

Portugal’s SEF approved 80 golden visas to main applicants in July. The approvals were the result of investments totaling EUR 44 million, a sharp reduction from the EUR 78 million raised in June but nearly a doubling compared to the same month last year.

Portugal Golden Visa by investments is an official Portugal government program, enacted on 8th Oct 2012.

Lisboa Airport Hotel
Lisboa Airport Hotel, Portugal

Investment example — LISBOA AIRPORT HOTEL

Lisboa Airport Hotel will be a 4-star hotel unit flagged by a prestigious international chain with 230 rooms spread over a total construction area of 4 467 m 2 below ground and 13 343 m 2 above ground, located near the Lisbon Airport. The hotel will focus on the leisure and City short breaks, two of the top three performing segments in the region, according to the Portuguese Hotel Association. Lisboa Airport Hotel will be one of the few international 4-star branded hotels in the area, eligible for overnight stays fulfilling the requirements for the airline crews. The hotel will have a restaurant, bar, 1 outdoor swimming pool, 102 parking spaces.

The proposed value for the property, in the 6th year of operation, is of €78 480 000.
Investment €350 000
Guaranteed annual profitability of 3%
Lisboa Airport Hotel

🔥 Lisboa Airport Hotel: Benefits 🔥  

➤ Mandatory buyback of the share by the developer after 6 years, at the same cost of the investment.

➤ The completion of construction work and the opening of the hotel is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

➤ 7 days of free accommodation per year for the whole family.

Lisboa Airport Hotel

How fast does investor get a Golden Visa of Portugal?

It would take about 10-12 month to get that Permanent Residency visa (card) aka Golden Visa and be allowed to use it.  The first stage is to open an account with a Portuguese bank and receive an individual tax number. Here is when you must undergo compliance procedure. It will take about 2 months for immigrational service (SEF) to check all the papers and make a decision. All could be done remotely but investor and his dependents must visit Portugal by appointment to do biometrics. And then it’ll take 8-9 more month to issue a Golden Visa card and send it to the investors and his family address.

Please note that to the declared investment amounts government fees will be added and the cost of legal accompanying the process of obtaining of Golden Visa.

This investment allows investor to apply for Permanent Residency visa (card) aka Golden Visa. Make request for more details —

Alternative solution — Cyprus’s Golden Visa

The key requirements of the Cyprus permanent residence program (Cyprus “Golden Visa”) are the purchase of primary residential real estate directly from the developer in the amount of €300,000 + VAT (the rules for buying commercial real estate for permanent residence in Cyprus differ).

Permanent residence permit (Fast track) by investments (Cyprus “Golden Visa”) gives the right to live in Cyprus, since this country is not included in the Schengen zone. More details >>

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