Citizenship of Dominica
Citizenship of Dominica by Investments in real estate in 2022: Secret Bay or Anichi Resort

Elite tourism in the Caribbean is gradually recovering, more and more flights scheduled from the US, as well as from Europe. Therefore, now is the time to recall that Caribbean citizenship, and in particular citizenship of Dominica, can be obtained not only for non-refundable investment, but also for the purchase of a share in resort projects authorized for CIP’s. Although, not only obtaining citizenship motivates investors to participate in such promising projects.

In early July 2021, a deal was made to buy the most expensive house in the Secret Bay project, authorized under the Citizenship of Dominica by Investments program. The villa was bought into ownership for $7.1 million. Moreover, the investor is not going to participate in the program of investment citizenship of Dominica. Thus, the fact that the project has value in the market is emphasized, regardless of the option with obtaining citizenship. Note that Secret Bay is a 6-star hotel complex for those who value privacy. Which attracts many now that the epidemiological situation in the world is still difficult.

Citizenship of Dominica

Citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica can visit 128 countries without a visa.

Secret Bay Dominica
The famous Secret Bay Boutique Hotel in Dominica

Citizenship of Dominica for investments in Secret Bay, 6*

The famous boutique hotel Secret Bay is expanding with the support of the state program “Dominica Citizenship by Investments”. The resort itself has existed since 2011 and has always received the highest ratings, both from the guests themselves and from authoritative publications. Such as Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure. Secret Bay is located on a huge territory of the national park, but at the same time there will be only 42 villas in it.

Private houses with an area of ​ ​126 m2 to 481 m2 on plots from 330 m2 to 3000 m2. The villas are designed with indoor and outdoor terraces overlooking the sea and the surrounding rainforest. Each residence consists of indoor and outdoor living spaces overlooking the rainforest and sea.

All bungalows are equipped with a modern gourmet kitchen, private swimming pool and showers.

To participate in the program “Citizenship of Dominica by Investments” it is enough to buy a stake in the Secret Bay villa for $218 000 USD. Additional bonuses from the Secret Bay project will be: return from rentals from 3 to 6% per annum, the opportunity to stay at the Secret Bay Resort a week a year (each year of ownership), privileged access to 5-star resort services, the opportunity to exit the investment in 5 years (according to the program). As well as participation in the exchange program, which allows you to stay at other luxurious resorts in more than 80 countries of the world.

Anichi Resort & Spa Dominica
Anichi Resort & Spa, Dominica

Citizenship of Dominica by investments in Anichi Resort & Spa

The Anichi Resort & Spa is being built on Picard Beach, a picturesque 12-acre beach in Portsmouth, and will consist of 128 refined rooms on the luxury property market in Dominica.

Anichi Resort 5 * project is also authorized under the Citizenship of Dominica by Investment program, published. In the Anichi Resort & Spa project, as well as in Secret Bay, it is proposed to redeem a stake. In addition to the opportunity to apply for Dominica citizenship, developer offers to investors 2% annual income during the construction phase and after opening the annual income is based on the work of the resort. As well as free accommodation in the resort 1 week a year.

Anichi Resort & Spa Dominica
Anichi Resort & Spa, Construction Update, June 2021
Anichi Resort & Spa Dominica
Anichi Resort & Spa, Construction Update, June 2021

Biometric passport of a citizen of Dominica

The government of Dominica announced the beginning of the issuance of a new biometric passport from July 19, 2021. Citizens of Dominica can get a modern biometric passport when replacing an expired or restoring a lost document. Candidates for Dominica citizenship through investments waiting for passports can obtain current passports or wait for biometric passports. The initial deadline given by the Government of Dominica to replace the machine-readable passports to the new E-passport has now been revised from July 2023 to August 30th, 2022.

The main difference between a biometric passport and a regular one is a built-in microcircuit containing data on the owner of the document: the passport number, the date of its issuance and expiration, photography, last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth of a person, biometric data can be supplemented with information that can be used to authenticate the identity of the passport holder: iris pattern, fingerprints, etc.

The procedure for obtaining a new passport can be launched through a licensed agent of the Dominica Citizenship by Investments program, Apex Capital Partners. Even if you did not apply for Dominica citizenship with APEX.

You can get free consultation from Apex Capital Partners on the program of Montenegro, Portugal. As well as Cyprus, Caribbean (Saint Kitts, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua), Canada Start-Up Visa. Ask your question –

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