Why to buy property in Montenegro? Citizenship & profit

Property in Montenegro — you may analyze the property market situation via different points of view: tourism and its perspectives, growing community of HNWI, modern marinas, or citizenship by investment program. Given that APEX is responsible for immigration services, first of all, we would like to draw your attention to CIP of Montenegro of course. You may choose authorized project on the north or on the south. And become citizen of Montenegro (looking forward to become citizen of EU by 2025) and also the owner of hotel room or apartments in the hotel. And then let’s look at the fact that prices for square meter grow higher and higher every year here in Montenegro. So, you will have your chance to return your investments or at least get a profit from this real estate. And hurry up to make your choice – this citizenship by investment program runs only till the end of 2021.

Before Covid struck, tourism — which increased by 34 per cent between 2017 and 2019 — was the country’s top revenue earner. This poses a post-pandemic challenge for the country’s first new prime minister in 30 years, Zdravko Krivokapic, who took office in December.

Montenegro has changed dramatically in the past decade, especially along its breathtaking 293km Adriatic coastline where historical coastal towns such as the Unesco-listed Kotor are being complemented by a new generation of resorts such as Lustica Bay, perched on the steep slopes between the Adriatic and the Bay of Kotor, where 1,500 homes, eight hotels, two marinas, a school, a hospital and the country’s first 18-hole championship golf course are being built.

At Porto Montenegro near Tivat there is an established superyacht marina with a thriving expat community. The resort has pushed up property prices in the area and put the tiny country — with its population size of only about 622,000 — on the map for wealthy buyers. At Porto Montenegro near Tivat there is an established superyacht marina with a thriving expat community.

With travel restrictions in place, regional buyers (especially Serbians) dominated the market last year, but Russian and Chinese buyers are the predominant applicants for the country’s citizenship-by-investment program (CIP). This offers the right to free movement across Europe’s Schengen area with a property purchase of €450,000 plus a €100,000 donation in the south of the country (or €250,000 plus €100,000 in the north).

«Apart from the CIP [which is due to end this year] the flat personal income tax rate of 9 per cent is an attraction for buyers, some of whom move here to start their own businesses,” says David Margason, the managing director of Porto Montenegro. Apart from the fiscal incentives, buyers in the resort are attracted by a branch of Knightsbridge Schools International, as well as by Ozana Business Club, a co-working facility and private office hub overlooking the superyacht jetty.

David Margason says: “Ten years ago when we bought our apartment and berth there, Tivat was a tired-looking communist-era town, but the area is maturing fast, with flights going into Tivat airport making it a weekendable destination. I like the fact it’s not so busy — you can still get a restaurant reservation for lunch on a summer’s day, unlike more established areas like the Côte d’Azur.”

The tiny Balkan state is unrecognisable from a decade ago 

There are plans to expand the country’s airports in Tivat and the capital city of Podgorica, but many British visitors fly into Dubrovnik in Croatia, where pre-pandemic there was a greater choice of flights, and drive across the border. This may well change though, with the country’s ultra high net worth population (worth $30 million or more including their primary residence) set to increase by 36 per cent between 2019 and 2024, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report.

Boka Place, Montenegro
Boka Place, Montenegro

Property in Montenegro. Examples of authorized projects for Citizenship of Montenegro

Property in Montenegro, South, Tivat

Boka Place is a new urban quarter in Porto Montenegro built with conviviality and wellness at its core. With busy shops and cafés, world’s first hotel SIRO – immersive lifestyle experiences by Kerzner International, green outdoor spaces and new discoveries at every turn. All SIRO-managed residences qualify for the Citizenship by Investment program. Properties range from studio apartments to three-bedroom duplexes and penthouses, between 45m2 and 170m2. The homes are decorated as standard with beautiful clean lines, neutral tones and a minimalist aesthetic to create an optimal environment for holistic wellbeing.

What do you get for €450 000 (minimum investment)?

— Unit in the hotel in private owning (title certificate). That will allow to obtain Montenegrin citizenship for investor, wife and children.There are additional costs for investor to pay.

Hotel Montis Mountain Resort, Montenegro>>
Hotel Montis Mountain Resort, Montenegro>>

Property in Montenegro, North, Kolasin

The town of Kolašin is situated in northern Montenegro, on a plateau 954 m above sea level. It is considered the country’s most vibrant mountain town. Podgorica International Airport, facilitating regular flights to major European destinations, is only 80 km away and will be reachable by car via the newly-built motorway in just 30 minutes, by 2021.

Montis Mountain Resort offers an impressive collection of suites with the recognizable Splendid brand touch, designed to meet the highest expectations of discerning international buyers. All suites come complete with furnishings, fittings and appliances by renowned European manufacturers, as well as year-round complimentary maintenance according to 5-star Splendid brand hotel standards.

5* luxury hotel, 238 rooms (units), several restaurants, conference rooms, cinema, pub, spa, swimming pool, children’s club, ski room and garage.

What do you get for €250 000 (minimum investment)?

— Unit in the hotel in private owning (title certificate). That will allow to obtain Montenegrin citizenship for investor, wife and children.There are additional costs for investor to pay.

Note that Apex Capital Partners Corp. works as an official agent to work with CIP in Montenegro.

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