Curacao Investor Permit
Curacao Investor Permit Program relaunched

Curacao, a Caribbean “autonomous country” within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is relaunching its Curacao Investor Permit Program (CIPP). Originally this option was introduced in 2014, the CIPP is getting new investment options.

The country was formerly part of the Curaçao and Dependencies colony from 1815 to 1954 and later the Netherlands Antilles from 1954 to 2010, as “Island Territory of Curaçao” and is now formally called the Country of Curaçao. It includes the main island of Curaçao and the much smaller, uninhabited is “Little Curaçao”. Curaçao has a population of 158,665 and area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi). However, there is no Curacaoan citizenship. Curacaoans are Dutch nationals and, by extension, EU citizens with all the rights. So one of the benefits of participating in Curacao Investor Permit Program is opportunity to get European citizenship. But you have to keep in mind that you life for years must be connected to this country.

Under Dutch nationality law, those who reside legally in Curacao (or Aruba, St. Maarten or the Netherlands itself) for five consecutive years and can pass s Civic Integration Exam (includes basic language test) are eligible for Dutch citizenship.

Qualified investment types include, but are not limited to:

  • Buying real estate
  • A business investment
  • Investment in securities traded on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX)*

* Option was included following this year’s relaunch.

Applicants have three different options, each with its own residence permit category. A 3-year renewable residence permit for a minimum investment of 280,000 USD, a 5-year for 425,000 USD.

We recommend that you pay attention to the program citizenship of Montenegro by investment to get a “multipass” for travelling in Europe. This program works only until the end of 2021. It is worth paying attention because of the fact that you invest in hotel projects, property or share in which you can later sell. And also that Montenegro is at the final stage of integration into the EU. Thus, with investments from 350,000 Euros, you have the opportunity to obtain European citizenship. Or note the classic programs of the Caribbean countries: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Antigua.

Source: IMIdaily

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