Passport of Saint Lucia for returnable investment in government bonds until the end of 2021

passport of Saint Lucia

Do you want to apply for Caribbean citizenship, but have not yet chosen a program? Please note the unique opportunity to obtain a passport of Saint Lucia for a returnable investment in government bonds. Other founding countries of investment citizenship programs do not have such an option not only in the Caribbean, but also in other countries of the world.

What is the peculiarity of investment in bonds under the Saint Lucia program? You are helping the Caribbean economy recover from the pandemic-induced lockdowns. At the same time, the investor does not receive interest on the deposit in bonds, however, he receives citizenship for himself and his family. And the return of funds is guaranteed by the authorities, which already have successful experience in getting out of such an investment for applicants for citizenship.

All other countries in the Caribbean, for example, Saint Kitts, in addition to the real estate option, have only an option with a non-refundable contribution to the state development fund. As, in principle, Saint Lucia itself has it alternatively. So that is for you to decide whether you can “freeze” the amount of US $250,000, or whether it is more convenient for you to spend on a non-refundable contribution the amount of US starting from $100,000 (per applicant without dependent family members).

The option with bonds is available only until the end of 2021. To get a passport of Saint Lucia, you should consider this opportunity now.

The return-on-investment period depends on the number of people in the application. For one investor, this is 5 years, for an investor with his wife — 6 years, for 4 people — from 5 to 7 years. Actually, if desired, in addition to the investor himself and the spouse (a), you can include financially dependent children under 30 years old and parents over 55 years old. And also, for brothers and sisters under the age of 18 years (single, without children). This is certainly a very important factor for big families. Please note that by increasing the investment amount, according to the table, it is possible to reduce the period before withdrawing from the investment.

On approval of an application by means of an investment in Government bonds the following minimum investment is required:

Number of personsInvestment amountBond Holding Period
(i) applicant applying aloneUS$250,0005 years
(ii) applicant applying with one qualifying dependantUS$250,0006 years
(iii) applicant applying with up to four qualifying dependantsUS$250,0007 years
(iv) applicant applying with up to four qualifying dependantsUS$300,0005 years
(v) each additional qualifying dependantUS$15,000The bond holding period specified under subparagraphs (iii) or (iv), where applicable.

How it works? “Passport of Saint Lucia for investments in government bonds“: terms, costs, alternatives

What is the main benefit of choosing bonds for obtaining a second citizenship? You give money to the island state for the prescribed period, and you cannot use them for these established 5-7 years. Nevertheless, you invest them in one of the most developed, large countries in the region, where the luxury industry has developed for years. Saint Lucia does not offer to invest in any interesting hotel project for citizenship program. This industry doesn’t need any boosters.

But the pandemic has certainly had an impact on all the world’s economies, and Saint Lucia is no exception. Moreover, the authorities have large infrastructure plans, including a green revolution in the field of renewable electricity projects. Please note that the local currency, the East Caribbean dollar (EC $), has been absolutely stable against the US dollar for many years. Nevertheless, investments in the citizenship program of Saint Lucia are indicated in US dollars.

So, if you want to get a Saint Lucia passport, then for a family of 4 people it will take $74 000. You will spend this amount non-refundable to pay fees and legal formalization. And the investment itself will be either $250 000, and then it will be possible to return the money in 7 years. Either $300 000, then it will be possible to exit the investment in 5 years. As a result, you get citizenship for life, and as an expense you will incur expenses for paying state duties and legal registration services. Please note that the international company Apex Capital Partners is the official local agent of the Saint Lucia Citizenship for Investments program (see licenses) and has a permanent office on this Caribbean island.

passport of Saint Lucia
You receive such a certificate when choosing the option "Investment in Saint Lucia Government Bonds."

Our lawyers have a complete valid list of all the documents they will help you prepare for the application. The Saint Lucia program is now popular due to the presence of a unique option, so applications to it are prepared by APEX monthly.

There is a certain bureaucratic procedure for submitting a request for the return of money invested in bonds, with which, of course, Apex Capital Partners will help. If strategically it is still difficult to decide on the “freezing” of such an amount as $250 000 or more, pay attention to the famous citizenship program from St. Kitts and Nevis, where special offer is now valid.

You can get passports of Saint Kitts by a family of 4 people with a discount of $45 000, namely for an investment of $150 000 instead of $195 000. And this is until the end of 2021. Here all amounts will be non-refundable: both the investment itself and the fees for registration.

passport of Saint Lucia
The Ministry of Finance of Saint Lucia has prepared a special prospectus containing a brief socio-economic survey of Saint Lucia. Learn more >>

Saint Lucia has a colonial past and is still a full member of the British Commonwealth. Therefore, a citizen of Saint Lucia can stay in the UK for 180 days annually (even continuously) without a visa. This is a politically neutral citizenship that gives the right to enter the EU (90 days per half year), as well as Hong Kong and Singapore are on the list of visa-free countries.

For investors we offer a wide range of Citizenship by Investment Programs to choose from. Please, contact Apex Capital Partners to get more information and ask personal questions. You can get free consultation from Apex Capital Partners on the program of Citizenship of Turkey, Portugal’s Golden Visa. As well as Cyprus, Caribbean (Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua). Ask your question –

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