Greece Golden Visa for purchasing real estate in 2023

Greeсe Golden Visa

The Greece Golden Visa program continues to operate, despite the turbulence that all the statements of parliamentarians in the EU Parliament have brought to the investment citizenship and residence permit industry recently. So, permanent residence in Greece can be obtained for 5 years if you purchase real estate in the amount of €250,000 – 500,000. In this case, the investment threshold is determined by the region of Greece. This requirement came into force on July 31, 2023. That is, the location now determines the cost of the Greek Golden Visa. For example, on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, as well as in some municipalities of Athens, you need to buy real estate for at least €500,000.

However, there are many options left, including in new premium real estate projects, where the investment is from €250,000.

Greek permanent residence can be obtained for three generations of a family at once, including children under 21 years of age. And after the expiration date, while maintaining ownership of the property, you can apply for an extension of your Greece Golden Visa.

The Greece Golden Visa will allow the investor to reside temporarily or permanently in Greece and travel around the Schengen countries without issuing a visa (90 days every six months).

Thus, the Greek Permanent Residency Program gives the investor and his family members visa-free access to Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, in total 27 countries of the European Union.

Premium real estate on the Athens Riviera. The minimum investment to obtain a Greece Golden Visa is €250,000

Premium project for fifteen apartments, located 50 meters from the sea, with panoramic views. And just a 15-minute drive from the airport, 40 minutes to the city center, walking distance to the piers (quick access to the islands), in particular to the Porto Rafti maritime club, bars and restaurants. There will be two types of apartments on five floors of the residential building: 9 one-bedroom apartments and 6 spacious two-bedroom apartments. Owners of apartments on the ground floor can, if desired, order a private swimming pool during the construction phase. 

For example, a ground floor apartment with one bedroom, one bathroom, 51.37 m2 of covered area, storage room 16.89 m2, parking space 10.12 m2, outdoor veranda – 19.85 m2, garden – 86.12 m2. Cost – €275,000.

Apartment on the second floor with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 98.64 m2 of covered area, storage room 16.89 m2, parking space 10.12 m2, covered veranda – 19.85 m2, open veranda 29.41 m2. Cost – €530,000.

After completion of construction, owners of apartments will be able to contact the management company’s concierge service for all questions, including rental issues.

When buying property in Greece, you can participate in the Greeсe Golden Visa program.

Elite mansion in the northern suburbs of Athens, New Heraklion. Minimum investment for Greece Golden Visa €500,000

The project is located 8 km from the center of Athens, accessible by highway number 6, metro or rail. The location is quite prestigious, on the coast. The building is intimate, but at the same time has its own infrastructure: swimming pool, gym, landscaping. Energy efficiency mode A+, modern thermostatic façade coating 10 cm thick. 

Duplex on the second floor: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open terraces – 44.9 m2, total covered area – 121.3 m2. Cost – €542,900.

When buying property in Greece, you can participate in the Greeсe Golden Visa program.

New project in Piraeus, a suburb of Athens. Minimum investment for Greece Golden Visa ­250,000

Comfortable spacious apartments with modern design one and a half kilometers from the main foreign trade port of Greece. And also, one kilometer from the university and metro station. The building has 6 levels and 18 apartments ranging from 31 to 54 m2. The apartments are delivered turnkey with basic finishing, including installed internal wardrobes/closets, interior doors and kitchen installation. Construction began in February 2023. The project is scheduled for completion at the end of May 2024.

For example, apartments on the 5th floor. Apartment 51.74 m2 with a balcony 14.92 m2 – €180,000. The price includes a storage room of 14 m2. Or an apartment on the sixth floor with a covered area of ​​46.36 m2, with a balcony of 9.77, a storage room ­– 12 m2. Cost – €175,000.

When buying property in Greece, you can participate in the Greeсe Golden Visa program.

Luxury project on the territory of the port in Piraeus, a suburb of Athens. Minimum investment for Greece Golden Visa €250,000

A building with a unique design that follows the theme of olive tree branches. Project from a famous international architect. First line, panoramic views of Zea Bay, parking area for mega-yachts. The marina has recently been completely renovated, including a promenade. In total, the building has 8 floors and 58 apartments. Like a five-star hotel. The infrastructure includes a gym and its own spa, concierge service 24/7. The management company will rent out the apartments – the owner signs a contract for 10 years. There are no maintenance costs – they are deducted from the profit from the rental of the apartment. Full package of furniture is included in the price of the apartment, including a kitchen area. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2024. 

For example, an apartment (unit) on the second floor with a total area of ​​26.4 m2 with a balcony of 4.9 m2 ­­– €265,000. Or, also on the second floor, an apartment with an area of ​​43.8 m2 with a balcony of 2.2 m2. Cost – €360,000.

More real estate properties in Greece for obtaining the Greece Golden Visa program and full cost calculation upon request from Apex Capital Partners.

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