AMMA Resort
AMMA Resort, InterContinental – project in southern Montenegro for citizenship program

Only 4 months before the completion of Montenegrin CIP. Time to make your choice! Investors still have time to take part, but some authorized projects in the south are already selling the last remaining apartments. For example, such as Boka Place in Porto Montenegro. We recommend to pay attention to the AMMA Resort under construction, which was authorized for the program and began to be built later, so there is still an opportunity to choose from wide range of apartments of different size and value.


The location is 40 km from two airports (Tivat and Podgorica). Çanj is a small tourist settlement and town located in Bar Municipality in southern Montenegro. By water, in particular by boat, you can get to Çanj through the marina of the city of Bar, AD Marina Bar. This is the southernmost yacht marina of Montenegro, one of the sunniest on the Mediterranean, 270 days a year the weather is clear here.

AMMA Resort

The nearest marina from AMMA Resort is AD Marina Bar Capacity:

650 parking spaces for boats + 250 additional winter parking spaces inland. The location is close to the historical center of Bar and its shopping centers.
AMMA Resort
Promenade along the beach Pearl Coast (Biserna obala) 1.2 km long (AMMA Resort on the left)

Apartments with a view

AMMA resort is a very large hotel project, construction of which began in January 2021. Moreover, the location for the work is quite complex – it was necessary to clear and level the slope of a large hill. And these works have already been carried out. This location allows to realize a unique layout — all apartments will be overlooking the sea, and at the same time buildings within walking distance from the beach. Four buildings of the project will be completed by the end of 2023, including a restaurant, and full completion is scheduled for 2025.


Together with the construction of the hotel with the support of the local municipality, the embankment is being developed. Among other things, it is planned to create a promenade along the Pearl Coast beach (Biserna obala) with a length of 1.2 km. Lifts and elevators will connect the AMMA Resort hotel complex with the boardwalk.

Çanj is a place in itself, very quiet, secluded, but at the same time it is convenient to get from here to Bar and Podgorica. That is, access to all goods and services and social life will be all year round.  However, Amma itself will become a full-fledged center for life for property owners and tenants. The infrastructure includes: three swimming pools, an outdoor tennis court, a basketball field, restaurants, playgrounds. In total, six six-story buildings and two three-story buildings will be built.

AMMA Resort
AMMA Resort

The project combines residential buildings and a number of rooms for 198 apartments, which will be managed by the IHG Intercontinental group.

The developer signed a 25-year contract with this brand. So far, in Montenegro, the most famous project managed by the Intercontinental group is the Regent Hotel in Porto Montenegro.

Amma resort has many objects of different layouts, you can buy either one apartment, or assemble a “package” of two apartments in order to leave one for personal purposes, and rent the second through a management company or sell it profitably after the deadline set by the developer. The investor receives a property certificate — title deed. The cost of maintaining real estate at the Amma Resort will be 50 euros per 1 sq. meter per year, according to the contract. Please note that full furnishings here are included in the value of the property.

passport program of Montenegro
Examples of apartments in the Amma Resort for investors who want to take part in the passport program of Montenegro

We remind you that the lower investment bar for participation in authorized projects in the south of the country is €450,000. And it will also be necessary to make a contribution to two state funds, totaling €200,000.

The property can be sold after the deadline specified by the developer in the contract.

To maintain the status of a citizen of Montenegro, received under the current program, it is not required to remain forever the owner of the real estate acquired to participate in it.


Examples of rooms in AMMA Resort for investors wishing to participate in the Montenegrin Citizenship program

Option 1. Apartments with two bedrooms on the third floor with a total area of 84.98 m2, furnished (as well as other offers), €469 684 (tax, VAT, included).

Option 2. Two studio apartments for 42 m2 for a total amount of €464,000

Option 3. One studio + one bedroom apartment for a total amount of €573,000

Option 4. Two studio apartments for 60 m2 each for a total amount of €684,000

Option 5. Two-bedroom apartment on the third floor with a total area of 97.59 m2, €539,477.


Will the program be renewed again?

It is impossible to exclude such a probability, but we work taking into account the fact that the completion of the сitizenship of Montenegro program has been announced, therefore we do not recommend postponing the decision to participate. This is a unique program and a unique opportunity to obtain European citizenship, and without the obligation of residence, without the requirement to renounce other existing citizenship.

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