Montenegrin citizenship: answers to investor questions

The main fact that it is now important to know to investors is that the Montenegrin Citizenship program will complete its work at the end of 2021. Since the preparation of the necessary package of documents takes about 1.5 months. Thus, the extreme date for signing an agreement with a licensed agent, that is, with Apex Capital Partners, for the registration of Montenegrin citizenship is November 15, 2021.

Timeline of the program “Montenegrin citizenship for investors”

There is some confusion in understanding when Montenegro’s program should finish its work. So, the law on investment citizenship in Montenegro was adopted in 2018. It has a limit of 2000 applications. Not passports, namely applications from investors, since you can enter family members into the application: spouse and financially dependent children.

The program was supposed to work for 3 years. The process of authorizing real estate for the program was delayed, as a result, only one project was authorized at the end of 2019. Please note that unlike many similar programs, Montenegro does not have an option investment in funds or government securities. Only in a hotel-type property under construction, approved by the authorities for the program. In fact, the program “Montenegrin Citizenship for Investors” was launched in 2020. The program was noticed at the height of the lockdown. Moreover, at the first stage, due to the small number of applications, we at Apex Capital Partners received approval for our clients in literally 47 days. Now it’s about 6 months. But it was precisely such conditions that they initially promised in terms of time when they established the program.

Please note that in general Montenegro does not recognize dual citizenship. An exception was made only for participants of the investment citizenship program. If you go through a residence permit (for opening a company and so on), upon obtaining Montenegrin citizenship, you will be forced to refuse other citizenship. Are you ready to do this? None of those whom we advised is ready.

Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program runs only until the end of 2021. Hurry up to make your choice!
Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program runs only until the end of 2021. Hurry up to make your choice!

Montenegrin citizenship Q&A

Is it possible to attach a spouse to the application for Montenegrin citizenship if we are not in an official marriage?

Nuri Katz, Apex Capital Partners: I recommend to get married, and as soon as possible. Then we can associate the spouse with the already existing statement. In general, when obtaining Montenegrin citizenship, it is better to decide at the first stage who we plan to write into the statement. For example, their children from previous marriages.

Where to see the full list of real estate objects authorized under the Montenegrin citizenship program?

Nuri Katz, APEX: See the list on the official Montenegrin website. And you can also read in detail about the projects in our special material. In particular, we highlight such factors as the “seasonality” of the work of projects, how many “stars”, whether there are expenses for maintenance, the possibility of living, what is the history of the specific developer that the project implements. And after you get from us, upon request, additional information, ask questions (mail us

If you have lived in different countries over the past ten years, from which countries will you need certificates to apply for citizenship?

Nuri Katz, APEX: If you lived in some country for more than 183 days a year, then you need a certificate from there. If you have been to many countries, but did not live in a particular of them for more than 183 days/year, then a certificate will be needed only from the country of your main citizenship, for example, from the US. Please note that if a child older than 16 years is studying somewhere in another country, and most likely spends most of the year there, then a certificate of no criminal conviction will be needed both in this case, and from the country of birth, and from the country of study.

Did knowledge of Montenegrin be required for citizenship?

Nuri Katz, APEX: To obtain investment citizenship of Montenegro does not require knowledge of the local language.

When will it be possible to exit the investment, sell the property that was acquired under the citizenship program?

Nuri Katz, APEX: Everything will depend on the project you have chosen. In some cases, you can sell immediately after receiving a certificate of ownership. In others, after a certain fixed period of 4-5 years.

Is it possible to invest in such real estate under the program of Montenegro, which will be at the full disposal of the owner? Like apartments in the south?

Nuri Katz, APEX: Yes, there is such an opportunity when choosing authorized projects in the south, here the investment is from 450,000 euros. You can live in your apartments at least year-round, if you wish.

Is it worth deciding to participate in the program of Montenegro? It will probably be extended.

Nuri Katz, APEX: The program for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship for investments was launched in September 2019 and will work until December 31, 2021. We, as specialists of the investment citizenship industry, love the program of Montenegro. For two years of it’s work, it became a unique offer for those wishing to obtain European citizenship. We’d like it to keep working. However, the Montenegrin authorities have not yet announced any extensions, so you need to focus on the fact that the program is working now and will end its existence on January 1, 2022.

Pay attention to it if you want to connect the lives of your loved ones with Europe. Since it will take a month and a half to prepare documents for Montenegrin citizenship, based on our extensive practice, we call the deadline for signing an agreement with Apex Capital Partners and starting work on the application on November 15, 2021. Consultation on the investment citizenship program of Montenegro is free (mail us

When does Montenegro join the EU and is it safe to say that this plan will come true at all?

Nuri Katz, APEX: Montenegro is currently on the path to EU integration, which is planned to be completed by 2025. Then Montenegrin citizens will have the same rights as citizens of other European Union member states. And this means that any citizen of Montenegro will have the right to live, study and work in any EU country. By the way, there are opinions, perhaps justified, that everything will rise in price in Montenegro after joining the EU. And life in general, and real estate in particular. All the better reason to pay attention to Montenegro right now.

For investors we offer a wide range of Citizenship by Investment Programs to choose from. Please, contact Apex Capital Partners to get more information and ask personal questions. You can get free consultation from Apex Capital Partners on the program of Citizenship of Turkey, Portugal’s Golden Visa. As well as Cyprus, Caribbean (Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua). Ask your question –

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