Six Sences
Citizenship of Grenada via investment in Six Senses La Sagesse hotel

The construction of the Six Sences La Sagesse resort, approved for the Caribbean citizenship program, began on February 7, 2020, on Grenada Independence Day. And now we can see the huge progress, especially considering a forced pause due to pandemic. Grenadian Six Sences hotel is a project of the very well-known developer Range Developments in the Caribbean region. Their flagship project, Park Hyatt St. Kitts, was named among the best Caribbean resorts soon after opening in 2017.

The Six Sences La Sagesse resort is only fifteen minutes away from Grenada International Airport. This is a hotel complex with 100 rooms with all the necessary infrastructure.

Six Sences
Grenadian Six Sences hotel is a project of the very well-known developer Range Developments
Six Sences

Recall that the rate under the terms of the Grenada program was reduced in 2019 from $350 000 to $220 000. The cost of share in the Six Sences La Sagesse project in Grenada is $220 000. Please note that Grenada citizenship for real estate is a returnable investment. You may sell your share in this real estate in four years. However, it will be necessary to pay state duties, the cost of conducting due diligence checks. In addition, notarial certification of documents, apostille, services for sending all documents (for example, through DHL) and mandatory medical inspection are paid. As well as file preparation services by licensed agents as APEX.

Mind that it is not necessary to buy real estate at all to participate in the program. The second option is a free contribution to the state fund in the amount of $150 000 (USD) per applicant and $200 000 (USD) per 2-4 person plus an additional $25 000 (USD) for each over 4. To this investment, as in the case of real estate, state duties and the cost of legal registration services will be added.

Voted the world’s best hotel brand by Travel + Leisure for three consecutive years, Six Senses is known for its commitment to luxury, community, sustainability, wellness, and design. All rooms at the Six Senses La Sagesse, Grenada will enjoy sea views with private plunge pools in an unspoiled environment ensuring total relaxation and tranquility.

Six Sences
Six Sences
Six Sences
In the photo, we see the progress of construction at the beginning of November 2021. It is planned that Six Senses will be completed and launched in 2022.

What is the benefit of a Grenada citizenship?

With a Grenada passport, you can travel to 130 countries without a visa. Grenada citizenship gives the right to visa-free entry into the UK (even after Brexit), Brazil, Singapore, as well as all EU countries included in the Schengen Agreement. Moreover, Grenada has an agreement on visa-free entry into the Russian Federation for its citizens.

Many countries in the Caribbean remain connected with the United Kingdom and the Schengen countries. Some countries, including Grenada, have a visa-free entry agreement with Hong Kong. But citizens of only 5 countries in the world have the right to visit China and stay there for 30 days, even without issuing documents in advance. And Grenada is one of them.

A Grenadian passport allows you to apply for a E2 visa to the United States (non-immigrant business visa). Because only citizens of countries that have a special valid agreement with the United States on this visa can apply for a E2 visa to the United States. That is how the Grenada Citizenship program differs from other programs in the region in the advantage of the possibility of obtaining a Treaty Investor E-2 visa.

Please note that you do not need to visit the island to obtain Grenada citizenship for investments. All documents for participation in the Grenada Citizenship Program are issued remotely.

Learn more about Caribbean citizenship programs. We know all about the legal ways of registering any citizenship program by investments: what are requirements and of any second citizenship program, how much it costs, and what is worth it.

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