Golden Visa of Portugal
Golden Visa of Portugal for investment in venture fund in 2022

From January 1, 2022, the conditions for obtaining a Golden Visa of Portugal for investing in a special fund are changing. The lower threshold for investment will rise from 350,000 to 500,000 euros. At the moment, it is virtually impossible to have time to open an account in Portugal in order to use this option on the same terms. Nevertheless, investment in the fund compared to the purchase of real estate for the Golden Visa program will be more profitable in terms of associated costs. Since it carries a lower tax burden.  Real estate or fund option applicant must make and maintain a qualified investment for five years.

A golden visa will need to be extended extend after the second and fourth years. 5 years after obtaining a Golden Visa of Portugal, you can apply for permanent residency, but you will need to show knowledge of the Portuguese language (level A2).

So how does it work? You may choose from the authorized list of investment/venture funds. They regularly undergo special check and must undergo audit known contractors such as PWC, EY, etc.


The fund will invest a maximum of 40% in international listed companies, through a carefully selected portfolio of stocks, or ETFs.


The fund will invest a minimum of 60% in Portuguese non listed Commercial companies that offer a solid cash flow generation or significant assets and potential growth. These companies include commercial real estate companies specialized in the acquisition and management of real estate assets.

Golden Visa of Portugal

Key facts about program. Golden Visa of Portugal

For application on Golden Visa, it will be necessary to confirm the absence of a criminal records and obtain a medical certificate valid in Portugal.

How fast does investor get a Golden Visa of Portugal?

It would take about 10-12 month to get that Permanent Residency visa (card) aka Golden Visa and be allowed to use it.  The first stage is to open an account with a Portuguese bank and receive an individual tax number. Here is when you must undergo compliance procedure. It will take about 2 months for immigrational service (SEF) to check all the papers and make a decision. All could be done remotely but investor and his dependents must visit Portugal by appointment to do biometrics. And then it’ll take 8-9 more month to issue a Golden Visa cards and send it to the investors and his family address.

Please note that to the declared investment amounts government fees will be added and the cost of legal accompanying the process of obtaining of Golden Visa.

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