Citizenship of Montenegro
Citizenship of Montenegro by Investments in real estate in 2022: Montis Mountain Resort by Splendid

At the very moment Citizenship of Montenegro by Investments is the one & only program in Europe for investors seeking direct way to getting passport, not a permanent residency. This is limited time offer. Program runs until the end of 2022 and that will be final. So, we highly recommend you to consider all the benefits of this investment.

First step for entering Montenegrin CIP is to choose one from the official list of authorized projects. Minimum investment for the development projects starts from €250,000 on the North and from 450,000 on South.

Montis Mountain Resort by Splendid – an investment option on the North

5-star level hotel with 238 superb guest suites, three detached buildings comprising residential suites, landscaped communal areas, and a host of shared exclusive amenities. Restaurant, bar, spa, gym, conference rooms. 120 parking spaces in the garage.

Located near the town of Kolašin is situated in northern Montenegro, on a plateau 954 m above sea level. It is considered the country’s most vibrant mountain town. All suites come complete with furnishings, fittings, and appliances by renowned European manufacturers, as well as year-round complimentary maintenance according to 5-star Splendid brand hotel standards.

Montis Mountain Resort
Montis Mountain Resort by Splendid
Montis Mountain Resort

As you can see from the name, Montis Mountain Resort by Splendid, will enter the market under the management of the Splendid group, which opened the first 5-star hotel in southern Montenegro. And for a decade now, the Splendid project has been working successfully. A unique offer from the developer Montis Mountain Resort is also associated with this partnership. Until the completion of this 5 * hotel in 2024, the investor will be able to live 1 week a year for free in the resort of Splendid (Budva). And after the opening of the Montis Hotel, the investor will be able to live in it for 4 weeks a year.

40% of net profit from suite by year. Suite from €250 000.        

Please note that in the plan of Montis Mountain Resort there are large rooms (72 m2) worth €500,000, which will be convenient for big families. As an investor can only enter a spouse and children in an application for Montenegrin citizenship. Thus, thanks to an investment of €500,000, it will be possible to submit two applications, for example, from two brothers/sisters and their families.

The construction of the hotel began on July 1, 2021 and will be completed in 2024. You may request options emailing

Montis Mountain Resort

How to apply for Montenegrin citizenship in 2022?

From January 1, 2022, the amount of the mandatory contribution to the state development funds will be 200,000 euros, and not €100,000, as was previously the case. The choice remains unchanged: to invest in an authorized resort project in the north for €250,000 or in the south for €450,000. The government is estimating that the total value of all projects is around €450 million and could lead to more than 2,200 jobs.

Government fees also remained unchanged. Please request more information from APEX about calculation (

The conditions regarding the medical check have been changed. Now the application will not require a medical report from the country of permanent residence.

The Apex Capital Partners company is an international licensed agent of the Montenegrin program.

Montis Mountain Resort
Montis Mountain Resort — construction progress december 2021

Citizenship of Montenegro program

Note that many clients of Apex Capital Partners have already received Montenegrin passports under the investment citizenship program. Thus, they received privileges to travel around the EU, even at a time when the borders are not yet open to everyone.

Montenegro does not approve dual citizenship. An exception was made only for participants of the investment citizenship program. If you go through a residence permit (for opening a company and so on), upon obtaining Montenegrin citizenship, you will be forced to refuse other citizenship.

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