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Welcome to Apex Capital Partners. For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of unlocking global opportunities for high-net-worth individuals. Led by Founder Nuri Katz, our international team brings extensive expertise in immigration, residency planning, citizenship acquisition, and cross-border investments.

As trusted members of prestigious regulatory bodies like the CCIC and mandated by numerous governments, we strive to provide comprehensive services to clients worldwide.

Our unwavering commitment lies in assisting our clients in planning and acquiring citizenship, and protecting assets. Join us on this transformative journey as we open doors to a world of possibilities. Together, let’s redefine success and embark on a path to security.

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At Apex Capital Partners, we are your gateway to limitless possibilities. With over three decades of servicing clients in immigration, residency planning, citizenship acquisition, global real estate advisory, and wealth management, we empower you to seize unparalleled opportunities and pave the way to your extraordinary future. Trust us to be your strategic partner, guiding you toward success, wealth preservation, and a life of exceptional freedom.

Unrivaled Residency Planning

Antigua and Barbuda

Discover Antigua & Barbuda's perks: visa-free travel to 130+ countries, swift citizenship processing within 3-4 months, advanced infrastructure, and a welcoming environment. This close-to-the-US locale offers both beauty and business convenience.


Embrace the advantages of Anguilla's residence program, offering low investment requirements, minimal taxation, efficient processing (completed in 3 months), and visa-free travel to 128 countries.


Canada offers a prized passport for international travel, a high-quality of life with free healthcare and a renowned education system, top global rankings as one of the world's top ten nations, and investment security with a government guarantee for a full refund.


Invest in Cyprus for residency and tax advantages. Delight in its historic UNESCO sites and diverse landscapes—from beaches to mountains. Revel in the culture, reflecting a unique blend of traditions and cuisine. Cyprus combines financial benefits with rich history and Mediterranean allure.


Dominica's citizenship offers quick 3-month processing, no non-resident income tax, dual citizenship, and visa-free travel to 128 countries, including China. Considered the site of the the 'Garden of Eden', its stunning landscapes and rich history are reflected in vibrant culture and traditions.


Obtain Egyptian citizenship and benefit from visa-free access to 72 countries, including up to 90 days stay in Hong Kong and Macau. Enjoy unrestricted rights to acquire real estate in Egypt, seizing the opportunity to invest in a yet-to-be-discovered, profitable alternative real estate venture in an exotic location.


Unlock Schengen access with Greece's Golden Visa via prime real estate investments in ancient, picturesque locales. This package offers residency for three generations, including children under 21, with few living requirements. Beyond the financial gains, you're investing in a land where timeless beauty meets rich history.


Grenada offers visa-free travel to Singapore, China, and Russia, with flexible eligibility for investors and their family members. It features a streamlined registration process without interviews or residency requirements, and no physical presence or tax obligations in Grenada.

Saint Lucia

Benefit from Saint Lucia citizenship: tax exemption on global income, and rapid 3-month processing. Yet, the true appeal lies in Saint Lucia's splendor—from the Piton Mountains and drive-in volcano, to vibrant culture and beaches—it's a profitable investment in a tropical paradise.

St Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis, pioneers of the Citizenship by Investment program since 1983, offer visa-free access to Russia, Singapore, and China, tax-free benefits, and family eligibility with no residency required. More than an investment, this citizenship offers a gateway to global mobility and a land of historic charm and natural beauty.

United States of America

Experience the freedom to reside in any state and pursue permanent residency in the United States after the two-year conditional resident status period granted by the EB-5 visa program, providing you with a pathway to long-term residency and unlimited opportunities within the country.


Portugal's Golden Visa offers Schengen travel freedom, living and working rights, non-dom tax status, and a 6-year path to citizenship. But it's more than a visa—it's an invitation to a country rich in history and natural beauty, bridging ancient traditions with modern living.