Cyprus Permanent Residence

Benefits of Cyprus permanent residence permit: the status is renewed automatically; financially dependent parents and children (under 25) may obtain permit together with investor; note that children must not be married; possession of a permit does not affect tax obligations in Cyprus; investor may apply for permit remotely; processing takes about 6 months only.


Greece Golden Visa

Benefits of Greece Golden Visa — visa-free entry to all countries of the Schengen area; no strict living requirements; you can apply for three generations of a family.


EB-5 Visa

For high-net-worth investors, the United States Immigrant Investor Program EB-5 visa can be an excellent means of obtaining US conditional resident status, known as a green card, leading to a US passport.


Launched in 2012, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program offers non-European Union investors a fast track to obtaining a valid residency permit.



Anguilla, British Caribbean, is a regulated offshore jurisdiction for company management, trusts and estate planning, foundations, captive insurance and mutual funds.

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