Wealth Management in the United Kingdom and the US

Regardless of your level of financial knowledge or experience, taking charge of your wealth and long-term financial aspirations can be a daunting endeavor, especially if you have never dealt with it previously. Sometimes, you may need to venture into business. It requires a lot of patience, hard work and discipline to be at the top of the game in business. This calls for wealth management. Wealth management entails the management of investment alongside offering tax guidance, financial advice, legal assistance and estate planning. Usually, the nature of the wealth management service provided suits with the needs of affluent clients.

Asset management companies in the USA are regulated by the US Securities Exchange Commission. The financial regulations are meant to keep your money safer while being under the hands of financial managers. The regulations put in place protect you from the risks and fraud associated with financial markets. Therefore, as Apex Capital Partners, we are fully aware of the regulations governing the conduct of wealth management firms before we settle at a certain investment in NYC or in any other city. In the United States of America, the average charge for wealth management is 1.02 per cent of the wealth to be managed, per year. With that cost, there is a promise of a great return on investment for your property in New York City.

How we can help you in wealth management in the US


We strongly believe that understanding your investments can help you become more confident in your prospects. We take time with our clientele and talk about all elements of their plan and create a strategy for future investments.

Developing a plan that is appropriate to the clients

Ever circumstance, person and objectives are distinct. Therefore, it is important to make sure that an asset manager creates a plan that is focused solely on your objectives based on your circumstances. Our experienced wealth managers do not make the mistake of relying on standard models to plan your investment, rather, take you through the available options and reflect on the market conditions. After considering your assets and goals, they hand you a perfect investment plan to enhance better results in the future.

Wealth management in England

We have a solid background in the regulations governing wealth management in England. While advising you on how to invest your assets in England, we comply with all the regulations of FCA and PRA. For example, we have a pool of qualified professionals to offer financial advisory services to retail clients. Asset management fees in the UK starting from 1.5 per cent of the assets managed, annually. It is worth noting that the regulators ensure that investors are protected. In addition to that, Apex Capital Partners aims to avoid any conflicts when managing your assets. There are many investment opportunities in England and most commonly, real estate is doing well in London.

To sum it up, we at Apex Capital Partners, are one of the wealth management companies devoted to giving you the best financial advice before you invest your wealth in the UK and US. We have a large pool of experienced experts who will ensure you get a customized investment plan to suit your goals.


Investment Options

Asset diversification and capital growth are vital in successfully managing personal wealth. Contact one of our wealth management professionals to discover how APEX oversees financial holdings to maximize growth.


Trust Services

APEX consultants will develop a structure according to your financial objectives and privacy requirements. We take great pride in providing solutions that accurately reflect personal finance, family finance, and succession planning aims.


Wealth Planning

Let our advisors prepare a financial and risk analysis tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive wealth planning services empower clients to take balanced and informed decisions regarding their investments.