For high-net-worth investors, the United States Immigrant Investor Program EB-5 visa can be an excellent means of obtaining US conditional resident status, known as a green card, leading to a US passport.

After two years, an EB-5 visa allows individuals (often real estate investors) and their family members to obtain residency and become lawful permanent residents, and eventually citizens, of the United States.

Similar to a Citizenship by Investment Program, this EB-5 visa enables high-net-worth individuals with ease of travel, facilitating business immigration to crucial hubs for a variety of businesses.

No language, educational, or managerial experience is required; EB-5 visa applicants must meet minimum requirements and qualifications.

Business Opportunity

United States citizenship provides mecca of business opportunity, providing anyone a chance to pursue any field. The downside is that business is highly competitive and many industries are pretty saturated, making it difficult for new startups.

Career wise, on the other hand, there’s seemingly no limit to the possibilities of fields to enter, and the unemployment rate is relatively low at 4.4%.

Another potential advantage is the strength of the U.S. dollar compared to many other currencies, giving the USD a lot of purchasing power in developing countries, which can allow individuals with a United States passport support their families back home.


The education system in the United States is quite strong, holding at least a top 25 ranking in just about every education category. Typically, children go to school from age 5 until 16-18 (depending on the state), with a high school graduation rate of about 80%.

Higher education is about as good as it gets, with each of the 50 states having extensive college and university programs where students can major in any subject imaginable. Many students obtain a United States passport to attend one of the many prestigious universities. The main downside to higher education in the United States is that it’s expensive, which can lead to a hefty buildup of student loan debt for many graduates.

Housing and Real Estate

Following the housing debacle and economic collapse in 2008, the United States has shown strong growth in the housing market since 2013. The average home sale in the U.S. is around $390,000, but that can vary wildly depending on one’s location.

Small rental units in the U.S. show strong yields of up to and even above 7% for studio apartments, but the yield diminishes the bigger the property gets. Real estate investors who come over with a United States passport may strongly consider renting out smaller units for the best ROI.

Healthcare System

One downside to gaining United States citizenship is that healthcare is very expensive, and it doesn’t look poised to improve in the short term. In 2014, the U.S. ranked 50th out of 55 countries in healthcare efficiency. Many people forego getting medical treatment because of the costs associated. Those with United States citizenship are eager to improve the healthcare system in the future.

That being said, patient-centered quality of care is near the top when compared on a global scale, but it’s clear a long-term solution is needed to solve many of the other issues.


– Opportunity to live in any state
– 2 years after EB-5-visa conditional resident status is granted, investors and their families become eligible to apply for permanent residency


– Create full-time employment for at least 10 American workers
– Proof of the source of invested funds
– Applicants must undergo a medical check
– Applicants must undergo a security screening


Investment of USD 500,000 in a targeted employment area (Regional Center).


Direct investment of USD 1 million in an American commercial enterprise.

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Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills


The new 170-room hotel will be the most unique urban oasis in Southern California. This EB-5 Opportunity is under construction since February 2015. Investment amount: USD 500,000.

USC Hyatt House Hotel


USC Hyatt House is located just 50 meters from Keck Medical Center of University of Southern California and that would be the only hotel of its kind on or near USC Medical Campus for 10 years. Investment Amount: USD 500,000.

Nuri Katz

Nuri Katz,
Founder of Apex Capital Partners Corp.

« Dual citizenship isn’t a political gesture; clients view this as an asset to their business or brand. Citizenship is a tool for doing business, similar to an exclusive club membership, to be leveraged as necessary.»