Citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. The concept is not only embraced by investors, but also amongst governments. And the range of options for investors is becoming increasingly large as well. Because now there is the option to opt for EU citizenship by investment. We will answer the questions where can I get second passport EU and what countries would be interesting for EU citizenship through investment?

If you are considering going for a EU passport by investment, you probably already know that these programs allow you to legally acquire a new nationality and a second or alternative passport simply and quickly. While these programs may have originated from St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and other places, the number of European countries offering citizenship by investment has grown in recent years. Find out all about the options for a second passport Europe.

One of the primary benefits of European citizenship by investment is the fact that you will need no more visas. This ensures that you are able to stay legally and can travel between the 28-member states without any restrictions. If you regularly travel (whether it be for business or leisure) you’ll find that a European passport by investment offers great value. Add in the fact that you have free travel across the Schengen zone and you will understand why this is becoming such an attractive choice. A second passport European union is an attractive option for those who would rather spend time traveling instead of waiting.

If you are interested in citizenship in Cyprus, which is arguably amongst the cheapest European citizenship by investment, you only need to spend at least 300,000 euros on the property. We should note that this must be in a government-approved development and the property has to be new. Having said that, of all the countries offering EU residency by investment, Cyprus allows you to apply for citizenship after only 12 months of being in the country.

Malta allows you to donate 650,000 euros to the National Development and Social Fund, invest 150,000 euros in government bonds or make a real estate purchase for 350,000 euros or more. You can apply for a EU second passport after only 12 months and only have to be in the country for 6 months of the year. These are the Fast Track options; there are alternatives for those who want to wait on their 2nd passport from Europe.

Those looking for citizenship by investment EU countries may be surprised to see Greece here. The EU citizenship for sale here starts at only 250,000 euros, making it lower than many of the other options for a second passport EU. It may also be interesting because the current market in Greece is undervalued, making this one of the countries offering European countries citizenship by investment that could potentially be a wise financial move as well. If you want to be a naturalized citizen, you will have to prove that you are fluent in Greek. Which could be difficult for some trying to obtain their second European passport.

If you are interested in EU permanent residence by investment, we are proud to offer our service for you to be able to get a second passport in Europe. Call or contact us and find out what options you have.

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    Citizenship and residency programmes


    Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program, established in 1991 under its Economic Citizenship Program, is the most financially advantageous program of its kind for those seeking a second passport.


    For high-net-worth investors, the United States Immigrant Investor Program EB-5 visa can be an excellent means of obtaining US conditional resident status, known as a green card, leading to a US passport.


    St. Kitts and Nevis was the first country to introduce a Citizenship by Investment Program in 1984, facilitating second citizenship opportunities for individuals from around the world.

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