Individuals who pursue a second passport through the Cyprus Investor Program in the Republic of Cyprus enjoy visa-free travel to more than 150 countries. This facilitates business immigration for those who require exemplary ease of travel.

Through Cyprus Investor Program, the government actively encourages direct foreign investment in economic sectors such as technology, R&D and innovation, and in entrepreneurial initiatives, making a Cyprus passport important for global entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Greek is the official language of Cyprus; however, English is widely used in business, trade, and the public sector, creating a Citizenship by Investment Program that is quite business friendly.

Business Opportunity

Cyprus has gotten a lot of direct foreign investment lately that has bolstered their economy. The country has been lifted by opportunities in tourism, shipping, oil and gas exploration. A new industry also busting onto the scene is the health and wellness wave.

Government policy serves a huge role in assisting business growth due to many business-friendly incentives for those with Cyprus citizenship, coupled with a strong business infrastructure.


In Cyprus, schooling is compulsory from ages 5-15 and state-provided schooling (including higher education) is covered by the country’s taxes. That being said, parents have the choice to school their children however they please, but fees for private school and university are not covered by taxes.

Housing and Real Estate

The average price for homes in the capital city of Nicosia are typical of the UK and U.S., sitting at around $400,000 USD. Out in the less populated areas, the average price drops to about $310,000 USD.

If you plan on getting a Cyprus passport to rent out property, you should know that the average rental yield is 5.29% per year, about an average ROI.

Healthcare System

Cyprus has two main healthcare sectors: public and private.

  • Public healthcare is very inexpensive and even free in some cases for those who have Cyprus citizenship.
  • Private healthcare is also relatively inexpensive and high-quality compared to other countries.


All of Cyprus’s major cities have both state-run and private hospitals.


– The most streamlined Citizenship by Investment Program in the European Union (EU), typically issuing passports within 3 months of application
– Visa-free access to the EU
– Citizenship grants investors the unrestricted right to live, work, and study anywhere in the EU
– Investors must visit Cyprus once every 2 years, with no mandatory minimum length of stay


– Ownership of a permanent, privately-owned residence in Cyprus valued at EUR 500,000 (minimum) + VAT
– Applicants must not have a previous criminal record
– Applicants must be 18 of age or older
– Applicants must undergo a security screening
– Have a valid Schengen visa


EUR 2,5 million
Donation into Cyprus Land Development Corporation and Research Promotion Foundation of EUR 150,000.00

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Sofia Silina

Sofia Silina,
Vice-president, Russia and CIS

«A second citizenship enables you to gain more personal and economic freedom and is an integral part of international asset diversification.»