For those seeking a second passport that enables great ease of travel, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program facilitates visa-free travel to more than 130 countries, including the United Kingdom.

Ultimately, those getting an Antiguan passport benefit from the untouched beauty of Antigua and Barbuda and financially advantageous Citizenship by Investment Program.

Dotted with mountain peaks awash in lush vegetation and easily accessible bays shielded by extensive coral reefs, Antigua and Barbuda’s 442 square-kilometre terrain attracts a multitude of tourists to this beautiful, glamorous destination.

A former British Empire outpost, today Antigua and Barbuda is a modern destination whose yachting industry ranks among the most active and prestigious in the entire Caribbean. One of the conditions for getting an Antiguan passport is a residence requirement – 5 days in 5 years.


– Visa-free travel to more than 130 countries

– Application processing takes approximately 3 to 4 months

– All required documents may be filed remotely

– Residency requirement of 5 days (minimum) within the first 5 years of citizenship


– Option 1: Property must be held for five years.
– Payment of government fees.
– Applicants must undergo a medical exam.
– Applicants must submit to a security screening.


Real estate investment starting from USD 200,000 (minimum)
Government fee for a family of four USD 30,000, each additional family member USD 15,000


Donation to the National Development Fund (NDF) starting at USD 100,000
Government fee for a family of four USD 30,000, for each additional family member USD 15,000


USD 400,000 investment in an existing or newly-created business venture
Government fee for a family of four USD 30,000, for each additional family member USD 15,000

The top industries for business opportunity in Antigua and Barbuda are tourism and financial services. These two alone account for over 75% of Antigua and Barbuda’s economy, with tourism making up over half of the country’s GDP.

Financial services provided by largely Canadian and British banks contribute to the largest portion of the country’s financial sector. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship organizations have over twenty years of experience dealing with offshore banking, insurance, internet gaming and international business corporations (IBCs).

Primary education in Antigua and Barbuda is free and mandatory for children from 5 to 12 years old. Then, students apply for secondary school where they’re required to go to school until 17.

Higher education includes three small universities in the country: The University of Health Sciences, Antigua State College and the American University of Antigua.

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program has brought foreign interest into owning a home on the island, bringing the real estate and housing prices to a similar level as those in America or much of Europe. A two-bedroom house averages about $350,000, while a 3-bedroom could run up to $600,000.

Government health expenditure in Antigua and Barbuda is 4% of GDP, which is pretty low compared to other countries. However, healthcare services are available to citizens at over twenty-six community health clinics, including one main public hospital. Since these aren’t big university hospitals, those who need a complex surgery or treatment may need to go overseas to another country.

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Until October 31, 2020,  Antigua & Barbuda cabinet reduces processing fees for the addition of dependents:  
For each additional child 5 years old and under: $10,000

For children from 6 to 17 years old: $20,000

For more information about the changes, please contact us.


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Nuri Katz

Nuri Katz,

Founder of Apex Capital Partners Corp.

« Dual citizenship isn’t a political gesture; clients view this as an asset to their business or brand. Citizenship is a tool for doing business, similar to an exclusive club membership, to be leveraged as necessary.»