Recently issued report and market feedback establish Dominica as a leading global citizenship by investment program

Apex Capital Partners, a boutique financial advisory firm specializing in investment consulting and wealth management for a multinational audience, today emphasized the tremendous opportunity in pursuing the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) in Dominica, a fact reflected by overwhelming international media attention and research reports.

According to an international research report entitled “The Global Residency & Citizenship Report 2016“, published by Canada-based Stephane Tajick Consulting, Dominica ranked as the number one passport in terms of quality, factoring in business, travel, and wealth management. Additionally, Apex Capital Partners Founder and President Nuri Katz was recently featured in an international story that appeared in The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Economic Times, and many others, referencing Dominica as an ideal location for global citizens to buy second citizenship for an investment of $100,000 or more.

“These recent reports and widespread media coverage validate the efforts we have taken to ensure that we have implemented the best of breed citizenship by investment program, one that is highly competitive with the very best in the industry and meets the highest compliance and due diligence standards,” said Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

The Dominica CIP has quickly become one of the most popular and sought after citizenship programs in the world due to impeccable due diligence standards, and overall administration and execution of its processes. The program has facilitated citizenship for investors looking to the manufacturing and agricultural sectors as investment opportunities, further bolstering the local economy while providing entryway for those drawn to the country’s beauty and people. The program is highly respected by the international community as evidenced by the European Union’s decision last year to award citizens of Dominica with visa free travel.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for the strength of the Dominica passport, one that we believe equips citizens with significant ease of travel, exemplary business functionality, and simplified wealth management solutions,” said Emmanuel Nanthan, Director of the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

“We are honored to work hand-in-hand with the government of Dominica, as well as the dedicated individuals who have made this program so successful,” said Nuri Katz, Founder and President of Apex Capital Partners. “Our international clientele continues to identify Dominica as a country that meets not only their business and financial needs, but one that provides a high quality of living for themselves and their families.”

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For more than two decades, APEX consultants have guided affluent individuals and their families through the complexities of foreign investing, and of obtaining alternate citizenship and residency. The APEX team also advises governments in establishing CIP programs, and provides support services to financial institutions, law firms, and family offices representing the interests of high-net-worth investors. For additional information, visit:

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