Montenegrin passport
How to travel with Montenegrin passport?

The updated list of third countries whose citizens can visit the EU includes: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Canada, Montenegro, Qatar, Jordan, Moldova, Saudi Arabia. Recall that initially the list of countries included the United States. Nationals of those countries should carefully consider the protocols on pandemic responses when planning their visits. Nevertheless, this is a sign of progress in relation to travel. So, you may travel around the EU with Montenegrin passport without any visa.

Note that many clients of Apex Capital Partners have already received Montenegrin passports under the investment citizenship program. Thus, they received privileges to travel around the EU, even at a time when the borders are not yet open to everyone.

The Montenegro program is definitely the trend of 2021. But nevertheless, the Caribbean programs are also popular among investors. Let’s compare these two possibilities to highlight all the details so that investors could make a choice. Please mind that program of Montenegro stops at the end of the year 2021. Hurry up to make a choice! Note that it takes about a one and a half month to get all the papers application ready.

Montenegrin passport VS Caribbean passport

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