Greece permanent residency
Greece permanent residency visa: warm welcome to Digital Nomades

Greece has tabled a bill in parliament aimed at drawing digital nomads to the country. Like in many countries around the world, Greece permanent residency visa must solve some financial problems that country must face during COVID era. And this is the race to take advantage of the huge increase in remote workers caused by the pandemic and their spending power. So, Greece will not charge them fees of crave for investments. Renting real estate all year round and spending money on an everyday basis is enough. The bill, prepared by the Ministry of Migration, foresees that non-Greek residents will be able to stay in the country for a period of up to 18 months and work with foreign based employers. Initially Greece will stamp permanent residency visa for 12 month and after a year it could be extended 6 month more.

Among the requirements is providing proof that the digital nomad will be in work for the duration of their stay. So, there must be an official employee contract with a non-Greek employer. Evidence is also needed that the remote worker earns enough money to get by without burdening the country’s social security system. So, applicant must show monthly income of at least 3,500 euros. Those with spouses would need to earn 20% on top of that while for each child they would need to show additional 15% of earnings. Neither the applicants nor their dependents would be allowed to work for any Greek employer during their stay on this visa.

Recent research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that the Greek economy could benefit by 1.3 billion euros if the country attracted 100,000 digital nomads annually and they stayed in the country for an average of six months.

Greece permanent residency

Greek residence permit program

At the same time, the Greek residence permit program for the purchase of real estate continues its work. The minimum investment is 250,000 euros, plus the costs of registration and taxes will be added. Greece permanent residency visa is issued for 5 years. However, we must note that it there is no investment citizenship program in Greece.

You can reside with a residence permit in Greece and plan naturalization, but no one guarantees the result. Moreover, if you still come to the stage of citizenship for prolonged legal residence in the country, you will need to pass a language exam.

However, even the status of a permanent resident of Greece allows you to travel without a visa inside the Schengen zone 90 days a year. And you can live constantly on this visa only in Greece.


Source: Greek Guru

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