In recent years, an increasing number of wealthy individuals have acquired additional citizenships and residences to diversify their personal exposure and options.

Therefor APEX Capital Partners Corp company together with 6 leaders of the industry founded The Global Investor Immigration Council, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization addressing the opportunities and challenges of the movement of immigrant investors and global citizens.

The GIIC works to protect the reputation of the investor immigration industry and serve as solid ground for the development and maintenance of best industry practices. It is a self-regulatory organization and recognized global representative and proponent of the industry.

Analyzing the high returns on investment that investor programs for alternative residence and citizenship offer, the GIIC expects the number of wealthy individuals pursuing such programs to increase at an even faster rate in the next 10 years. With the increase in such applications, there is a growing need for investment and legal advice. Until the formation of the GIIC, there had been no industry-wide body to support the industry and its clients.

«APEX Capital Partners is one of the oldest immigration firms world wide. Our roots are in Canada where over twenty years ago we noticed that the Canadian immigration industry needed to be government regulated in order to protects consumers from unscrupulous immigration agents. We therefore joined in with the top firms in Canada in order to lobby the government to legislate the regulation of the industry.

It took many years but finally in 2002 and a law was past regulating immigration firms. We are still very proud of our important role in that process. Now 13 years later, the situation has arisen again internationally where many unscrupulous agents around the world are taking advantage of unsuspecting clients hoping to invest internationally in order to immigrate and receive second citizenship. Again, APEX Capital Partners has initiated, with a number of leading firms, the creation of the GIIC ( Global Investor Immigrant Council) that will be a self regulating organization.

The GIIC will be the leading organization that will unite leading immigration stakeholders in a self regulating body, whose main purpose is to protect and defend our clients. It will also serve to educate and assist our members develop long lasting businesses based on the principles of integrity, honesty, and of course best practices. APEX Capital Partners is proud of the mission of the GIIC and looks forward to developing it’s role within the international migration industry».  — Nuri Katz, President and founder of APEX Capital Partners Corp.

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