Dominica citizenship
Dominica citizenship: the Lush Caribbean Island & yachting destination

Dominica has so much to offer. You just have to look closer and discover this Nature Island. The Commonwealth of Dominica — not to be confused with the Dominican Republic — is a parliamentary democracy and member of La Francophonie. A Dominica passport enables visa-free travel to 128 countries, facilitating business immigration to the United Kingdom and many other key international business hubs. A Dominica passport can be obtained by investing in Dominica’s real estate or by donating to Dominica’s National Transformation Fund. All family members brought along will be eligible to gain Dominica citizenship.

Dominica Citizenship — the best Citizenship by Investment program

From July 9, 2020, the authorities reduced the rate for obtaining Dominica citizenship for investments for a family via option with a government fund. Now it’s $175 000 instead of $200 00. At the same time, the amount for investments in real estate remained the same — from $200 000. And an investor and his wife together can apply for Dominica citizenship by investing $150 000 in a government fund. Please note that these figures do not include government fees and services for legal registration.

The Lush Caribbean Island of Dominica

Dominica as a Superyacht Haven

Covid or not, Dominica remains largely undiscovered compared to the heavily boated islands. With 260 square miles of hills and mountains, and the majority of its population of 74,000 living on the coast, most of the interior is rural or undeveloped. “Everybody has cruised the [British Virgin Islands],” says yachting expert, Hubert Winston. “We have something different, something special. Guests just fall in love with our serenity.”

That aura of untouched remoteness has proven to be a siren song for superyachts, which typically gather in Prince Rupert Bay and smaller, more intimate anchorages, where the only other vessels are a few sailboats and the local fishing fleet, with its brightly colored wooden hulls.

The island has since attracted the late Paul Allen’s 414-foot Octopus, Nat Rothschild’s Planet Nine, Andrey Melnichenko’s 390-foot Motor Yacht A and the late Steve Jobs’s Venus, among others. Bill Gates, Robert De Niro and Edward Norton have been spotted on superyacht tenders in Prince Rupert Bay. Five-star resorts, including Secret Bay and Cabrits Resort & Spa, with a pier on Douglas Bay, have welcomed yacht owners to their bars and restaurants. By the way, Cabrits Resort Kempinski was build with support of Citizenship by Investment Program as an approved project.

The 414-foot Octopus was built by Lürssen
Dominica citizenship
Cabrits Resort Kempinski, Dominica

Dominica: how to get there in times of Covid

Pre-Covid, of course. The rules have changed, with a negative PCR test required 24 to 72 hours before arrival; a visitor also takes a rapid test upon arrival, and it must be negative to enter. Then the visitor must quarantine at a government-designated spot and take yet another test on day five. If the results are negative, one is free to go anywhere. For owners or charter guests with time constraints, sitting on the yacht for six days is a non-starter, especially with that stunning but untouchable backdrop. But in Dominica, the notion of quarantine isn’t quite so rigid as elsewhere. The authorities have set up the “Safe in Nature” program, in which visitors may stay at some of the island’s most exclusive resorts and see the approved sights (the best on the island) with a private, Covid-certified guide. Not every resort allows guests off-property, but the two where I stayed — Secret Bay Resort at the north end and Jungle Bay Resort & Spa at the south do. I was not only able to move relatively freely around the island but also to transfer between the two resorts over the six days. Note that you can get Dominica’s citizenship for buying a share in Secret Bay.

Apex Capital Partners is a licensed agent of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Our office on Dominica is open all year round.

Source: Robb Report

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