Apex Capital Partner trashes report by Henley & Partners on Dominica’s CBI program

Apex Capital Partner trashes report by Henley & Partners on Dominica’s CBI program

Founder and President of Apex Capital Partner, Nuri Katz, has disagreed with a report by Henley & Partners which ranked Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program as last in the world.

Speaking to Dominica News Online on Monday, Katz said Henley is only promoting its products and said he is in firm agreement with Canada-based Stephane Tajick Consulting, which ranked Dominica’s program as number one, saying it is an independent organization.


“Henley, which is a citizenship company like me, specifically; as you see, they are not agents here (in Dominica),” he stated. “They are agents in Malta and the two main countries where they do citizenship is Malta and Antigua. And shockingly enough, in their marketing piece that they put out, Malta and Antigua are the number one and number two. It’s shocking.”


He said also that Stephane Tajick Consulting is completely independent and has no connection to Dominica or any other country, unlike Henley, which has big deals with the governments of Malta and Antigua.

When questioned as to whether he would prefer Stephane Tajick Consulting’s report because his company has been working with the government of Dominica on its program, Katz said he is not paid by Dominica but by clients.


“The government doesn’t pay us, not in Dominica. In other countries, the governments do pay us. In Canada, for example, they pay us; in Grenada they pay,” he explained. “We get paid by the clients in Dominica.”


He explained how the program works.

“People who are interested in Dominican citizenship are given two options of how to receive it,” he stated. “They either can make a one time contribution to the government or you can purchase property which today you actually don’t have property available that can be purchased. Today what you can do in Dominica specifically, as opposed to the other islands, is you can purchase a part of a development, a share like the Kempinski Hotel.”


The Kempinski Hotel is a 75 to 125 room, high-end luxury brand hotel to be built in the north of the island under the CBI Program.


Katz stated that Apex Capital Partners represent clients from all over the world who are interested.

“We look out for them, we search for them and they find us,” he noted.


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