Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I am writing to you today regarding a matter that touches me as a person rather than a professional. As you may know, after hurricanes IRMA and Maria, Barbuda, the sister Isle of Antigua, and Dominica were simply destroyed. There are now tens of thousands of people who are not only displaced or had their homes damaged, but whose island infrastructure is non-existent. The situation in Dominica and Barbuda is tragic and dire.

APEX has a history of philanthropy in all countries that we work in. After Tropical Storm Erika in Dominica, Apex donated over $75,000 USD in cash and goods. We would like to do more than that for Barbuda and Dominica again, and would like all of you to join us in that effort. Our industry is wonderful, as we do a lot of good for our clients, helping them to improve their lives and become global citizens. We are very lucky to be able to make our living doing such work. However, there are times when we must give back to the countries and the people we work with, especially when there is so much need.

I am asking on behalf of myself and APEX, that all our partners and colleagues consider joining us in helping the governments of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda to take care of the people who live there, and help them rebuild the places they call home. In doing so, we hope to raise as much as possible, and are kindly asking for your assistance. Apex Capital Partners will use 100% of all donations to procure food, clothing, medicines, and many other essentials. Any amount, small and large, will help, and we assure you that the governments of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda will be informed of all those who have been so kind to assist with donations.

Thank you,

Nuri Katz
President, Apex Capital Partners