citizenship of Vanuatu
Citizenship of Vanuatu: what to expect in 2022

Not for the first time program “Citizenship of Vanuatu by investment” is under the pressure. Many risks were mentioned within the previous year, a lot of recommendations to implement improvements on the processing part were named. But none of it came into life.

On the 12nd of January 2022 the European Commission proposed a partial suspension of the application of the agreement with the Republic of Vanuatu allowing citizens of Vanuatu to travel the EU without a visa for stays up to 90 days in any 180-period.

Press release says “This is necessary to mitigate the risks posed by Vanuatu’s investor citizenship (or “golden passports”) schemes on the security of the EU and its Member States”.

And then only two Vanuatu posted an open letter with announcement of serious changes including hiring new international due diligence partner. According to this document program “Citizenship of Vanuatu by investment” plays a very serious role in saving Vanuatu’s economics effected by pandemic.

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) acknowledged the importance of the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program, noting that income from the Program equates to close to 50% of the country’s revenue”.

So now Vanuatu’s official due diligence partner, UK agency FACT, is going to completely re-organize the programs vetting procedures and also undertake a comprehensive retroactive review of all CBI applicants granted citizenship in the last six years.

Please note that Apex Capital Partners did not recommend any of their clients to participate in the Vanuatu program, emphasizing the weak level of due diligence. According to our forecasts, the scandals around this program are only gaining strength.

Apex Capital Partners works only with countries that have professional international due diligence companies as contractors. Always at the first stage of registration, even before submitting a package of documents for citizenship, we make our own pre-check. If the investor has biography facts that do not meet the requirements of a serious program, this fact is immediately discussed with the client. APEX is a conservative company, we do not promise impossible results, we do not advise controversial programs. Our task is to get for the investor a status that will remain with him and his family for life.

Sources: IMIdaily, European Commission

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