The Minimum Investment to Get A Second Passport


It is safe, simple, and quick to get the cheapest 2nd passport through investment. However, many people tend to think that it is only restricted to rich people. Truly, this is not the real case. Most of the countries that citizenship by investment at considerably low prices that make it attainable by those who wish to engage in overseas investment. The cheapest citizenship by investment can cost as low as $100,000. On the contrary in other regions, they have very high investment requirements in terms of funds that must be deposited, and definitely, this will also lead to very high gains. At Apex Capital Partners, we do not leave anything to chance. We even inform you that, regardless of the obvious huge investment prices in the European Union, still, there are some informal arrangements that we may take you through, whereby can get cheap residency by investment programs in those nations. The underlying principle is that we listen keenly to your specifications and expectations and help you to realize them. In the end, you acquire your cheapest second citizenship. Besides, when comparing the investment requirements for various states, it is vital to look at the available options. Investment in the form of donation can enable you to get the cheapest passport by investment programs. While this seems too obvious, we will ensure you make the right choice by comparing the available ways.

Where Can You Get the Cheapest Citizenship By Investment Program?

Mostly, cheap investment citizenship can be obtained in St Lucia and Antigua among the Caribbean states that offer economic citizenship. This is a complex analysis because cheap and the best and two different attributes that our experts at APEX will be glad to explain to you in detail. In brief, a cheap may mean merely the amount that must be paid while the best entails a justification of the other requirements that must be met for the acquisition of such citizenship. On the European continent, for example, Montenegro is one of the minimum investment immigration countries. However, it does not imply that this is the best since other passports grant lucrative offers to foreign citizens. The minimum amount required for investment in most Caribbean nations is approximately $100,000 in the form of a donation to the government. This means that the funds will not be recovered but the donor gets just the second citizenship in return. However, the minimum investment for permanent residency through the real estate option is approximately $150,000.

The following is a comparison of the various minimum investment requirements for a number of countries that offer a second passport.

How Do the Minimum Prices Compare among Various Countries?

To ascertain that you will get the cheapest second passport, you need to consider many factors such as the processing period, amount of investment, and minimum duration before expiry. Truly, the cheapest second passport in the world is one that balances many aspects. For example, regardless of how little you pay for it, a passport that expires after 1 year is not cheap.


The application is processed within 3 months and a minimum investment of 350,000 Euros is required to be granted citizenship. The visa-free travel covers 123 nations globally, and the passport expires in 10 years.
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Grenada offers a second passport after donating $150,000, and the processing time is 3 months. The minimum amount required for those who need to invest in real estate is $220,000. Visa-free travel allows one to visit 142 countries around the world. The second passport is valid for 5 years and thereafter, it expires.
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The processing period is 3 months and when it comes to the acquisition of economic citizenship through a donation, the charge is a minimum of $100,000. For property investments, a minimum of $200,000 must be committed. It allows a person to travel to about 137 countries using its visa.
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St Lucia

The application process here is about 2 months. For those who wish to go the way of donation to acquire citizenship, they should make a minimum deposit of $100,000. Furthermore, going through the real estate investment route will cost about $300,000. Through its passport, St Lucia allows the passport holder to travel freely to about 145 countries. The passport expires after 5 years.
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In Malta, a minimum investment is $900,000 in the form of a donation. Unfortunately, it does not have a real estate investment option. The visa-free states are 182, and the passport expires after 10 years.


Cyrus tends to be the most expensive because its value is $2.15 million for investment in real estate and it does not have the option for donation. Travel is allowed freely to about 173 nations across the world, and the passport expires after 10 years.

Antigua and Barbuda

The minimum investment in real estate is $200,000 while donation to the government will cost you about $100,000 to get a second passport. The passport you obtain is valid for 5 years.
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St Kitts and Nevis

The minimum price is $150,000 for those who would wish to donate to the government while investment in real estate costs $200,000. Processing time is about 3 months while the passport expiry is after 10 years.
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Here, the donation and real estate investment values are the same ($250,000), with visa-free travel restricted to 111 nations. The second passport becomes invalid after 10 years.

How to decide on the cheapest immigration by investment way

Before deciding on an investment option to get the second passport cheapest as much as possible, it is vital to consider the number of family members since they impact the prices charged during the process. Some of the tips to also consider are as follows:

  1. The donation option is cheap and faster to get the second passport.
  2. Caribbean region nations are comparatively cheaper in their programs unlike the European Union or Asia which do not offer the cheapest permanent residency by investment programs.
  3. When you need a passport for a single person, Dominica and St Lucia are the cheapest.
  4. Investment in real estate is cheaper compared to donation when the family size is large, with almost 5 dependents and more.
  5. Montenegro has a cheap passport for foreign citizens across Europe.

We, as APEX, have partnered with many countries and hence, guarantee that you can realize your life goals by cheapest residency by investment option that suits your specifications. Getting the cheapest second passport can save you costs while guaranteeing you optimum benefits.

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