List Of Countries Giving Citizenship By Investment


Getting a second passport through investment may be among the best ventures you will ever make. This is because it gives a long-term advantage of living in a foreign country, traveling around the world, making investment decisions, and saving a good amount of money that otherwise would have been spent in taxes. Thus, getting a second passport through valid citizenship by investment program is proved to be among the fastest ways of achieving your goals. 2020 is an excellent year to invest in a second passport, since many of citizenship through investment programs will be rolled out because of the impacts that are expected to hit the world’s economies. However, it is essential to bear in mind that not all programs of this nature are convenient for you and worth your time. At Apex Capital Partners we keep you informed of the latest news about buying a second citizenship and introduce the countries which offer citizenship by investment so you can choose the right region to invest to. Many countries throughout the world are offering these economic citizenship opportunities. It is high time to make the right decision and sail towards achieving your lifelong objectives. We have everything you need, addressing your quest to find the cheapest and best Caribbean or European economic citizenship programs. In addition to that, we present a list of countries offering citizenship by investment in this article.

What does the word citizenship stand for?

Citizenship simply defines a relationship between people and their country, whereby its government grants them the right of being a citizen, for instance, the opportunity to take part in the voting process, to work, and to own some property. In return, the people who acquire citizenship should bear the responsibility of following the laws of the country, including the customs of its jurisdiction. Thus, citizenship, in essence, unites people of diverse origins under a particular identity.

What does the phrase ‘citizenship through investment’ mean?

The meaning of this phrase is straightforward. It involves foreigners’ investment of a specific amount of money in a particular foreign country, which in the end will let them get citizenship of the host country and the second passport of its jurisdiction. Based on the host country, the amount of investment funds ranges from about $100,000 to $2,500,000 and more. Furthermore, there are other charges for processing and due diligence costs for those who would like to get a passport in one of investment immigration countries.

While thinking about the nature of investment as a short and direct way to get a second passport in your dream country, remember to be extra careful. This is because some of these routes seem to be by far better than others. Hence, when deciding to do this, be sure to learn what the program exactly involves. For instance, some of citizenship for investment countries may not allow you to recover the money you’ve spent even though their programs are regarded as investments because of strict rules imposed across various jurisdictions.

Interestingly, passport by investment countries enable the holders of such citizenship to travel freely to some countries, excluding those in Europe, North America and Australia. Some countries’ citizenship is extremely attractive as it offers visa-free entry to more than 150 countries, including all the developed ones. This fact makes such countries the ones that can offer the highest quality passports in the whole world.

What are the traditional ways of getting passports?

  • Through ancestry. If you are fortunate to have parents and even great grandparents from the right country, you can apply for its citizenship. However, not all of us are lucky to be eligible in this way.
  • Through time. After living in a certain state for long enough time, you may be eligible to acquire citizenship through a process which is called naturalization. The disadvantage of this option is that you’ll need to spend several years in the country you’ve chosen. However, it is a good alternative as anyone can benefit from it. Furthermore, some countries don’t make you spend there many years to apply for their citizenship.
  • Using unconventional ways of getting a second passport. For example you can get a second passport after giving birth in the host country, getting married to the country’s citizen, and even by changing your religion.
  • Through money. You can take advantage of the programs of economic citizenship to get a second passport. Countries offering citizenship on investment offer many ways of getting a second passport.

What are the ways to acquire second citizenship?

Instant Citizenship

This method of getting citizenship is effective for those who invest in government funds, real estate, government bonds and any other bonds approved by the state. It takes a short time for the second passport countries to process the application and grant citizenship rights. In the real sense, the approval process will take at least 4 months after the submission of application documents. Comparing to other options, it lets you get the second passport faster; it is also sometimes referred to as ‘instant’.

This method gives you many benefits, for example, it does not lead to disruption of the life you’re used to, meanwhile offering a chance to move the whole family to desired gorgeous locations.

It was important to mention the gorgeousness of the locations because the major countries that offer this type of citizenship are located in the Caribbean. These countries not only offer instant citizenship but also seem to be comparatively cheap because they require approximately $140,000 for a family of four people. Some European countries may require up to $1.2 million especially those countries that offer residency for buying property.

Residency through Investment

Residence by investment countries offer golden visas to successful applicants. It means that a person who is allowed to invest in the European countries and acquires residency will eventually yield European citizenship in the respective country. This way you will get a very high-quality citizenship, however, you will have to pay more money compared to other variants. In addition, you may have to wait for about five or more years until you get an opportunity to apply for citizenship. In reality golden visa is not the same as citizenship through investment since it refers to just residency that leads to getting citizenship through naturalization in the end. The list of countries, which have these residency programs, include Greece, Malta, Portugal, Latvia, and Spain.

Why Should You Consider Citizenship Through Investment?

Here at Apex Partners, we strongly believe that second passport is right for everybody. However, we do not intend to exaggerate its benefits. This is something that can be regarded as an insurance for you since with the second citizenship you will always have a place to work and live, regardless the circumstances. For example, it may become vital in case of retirement and if you need to seek a refuge.

Something bad can happen in your country, and in this case taking your family to immigration by investment countries will be a wise decision. Essentially, having the second citizenship gives many different advantages. You and your family will just have more freedom.

However, even if getting a second passport does make sense to many people, there are always those who find it useless because of huge sums of money you will have to pay to enter the program.

Citizenship by investment programs is an attractive way of getting a second passport. However, before rushing to that, you should take a look at all the available options, since the countries that give you citizenship by buying a house have stricter minimum requirements.

What are the 2nd passport countries in the Caribbean?

The majority of countries handling economic crises are devising alternative strategies to improve their economy. This is where economic citizenry comes in handy. Therefore, they are encouraging investments in the real estate sector and government bonds, offering in return a great future for the citizens and their families. Have a look at the citizenship by investment countries list in the Caribbean and little overviews of each of them.

Antigua and Barbuda

The country is located in the Eastern Caribbean, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the Commonwealth nations and a member of many international organizations, for example, the UN and the Organization of American States. This country’s economy depends largely on tourism, which makes it attractive to investors who may wish to get a second citizenship there. Antigua and Barbuda is among the second citizenship countries, whose economic citizenship was established in 2012. High level of integrity and effectiveness helped Antigua and Barbuda to develop very fast and become one of the best countries offering such programs. Its officials have recently announced a decrease in the minimum qualification for investment. This way today it is a country with one of the cheapest second passport in the whole world. People are also allowed to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by buying private or government property, which may cost about $400,000 in case of 1 family while for a family of about $200,000. Acquiring citizenship takes about four months, and second passport will give the citizen freedom to travel to about 150 nations. The economic citizenship programs in Antigua and Barbuda do not have any requirements for minimum education or language proficiency levels, unlike other countries with investor citizenship, where the applicants have to take tough tests. It gives an opportunity to travel to almost 132 countries, including those of the European Union, UK, Brazil, India, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and others.

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Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program has existed for a long time and has been attracting many foreigners who have eventually made significant contributions to the country’s development. Those who are interested in citizenship can apply for it purchasing real estate or donating to the government. Its passport gives a chance to travel to over 100 countries including visa-free entry to the Caribbean and European countries. It takes at most six months to receive the second passport after purchasing the real estate or donating to the government. This passport is highly regarded and has a good reputation. For Americans, it is one of the cheapest among the countries with investment citizenship. In 2018 a contribution of $150,000 was set as the minimum investment, including government charges for processing the application.

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Saint Lucia

This country’s program was rolled out in 2015 and has let many investors get their second citizenships within three or four months, which gave them an opportunity of visa-free travel to more than 132 countries globally. The application process is quick and simple, with the investment options ranging from a minimum amount of $100,000 (government donation option) to about $500,000 (investment in government bonds); real estate costs $300,000 on average. It is the cheapest price among all the citizenship by investment countries if you choose to donate to the government.

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This country is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and it depends heavily on tourism: that is what drives its economy forward. The country allows foreign investors to acquire a second passport by investment in property sector and government bonds. Minimal investment in the real estate is $200,000 and it takes about six months to acquire the Dominican passport. In addition to that, the second passport comes with a visa allowing free entry to about 119 countries, including Singapore and Switzerland.

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This is a sovereign country located in the West Indies of the Caribbean. It is located to the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago and consists of Grenada Island and six other smaller islands located to the north of the main one. Being one of the citizenship for sale countries, Grenada’s government created its program in 2013 to make the investors get permanent residence in the country, at the same time fostering economic development and growth. Besides, it also was aimed at creating employment opportunities for the population. The island is very beautiful, it’s famous for its aromatic nutmeg and ginger plantations. Its pristine waters are home to the unique sculpture park and attractive coral reefs.

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Countries that give citizenship by investment in Europe include Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. It is important to note that this continent has residence by investment countries, for example, Portugal.


This country is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and it is among the most populated islands. It is located to the south of Turkey and borders Israel to the north and also southeastern of Greece. It is home to the world’s renowned water wells. It is strategically located in the Middle East. Particularly, the country is attractive due to its stable and warm climate, plus its convenient location, which makes it suitable for both residence and investment. This country’s labor force is highly qualified. Furthermore, the country has a free market economic system, which is majorly based on service delivery. The legal framework is also attractive, it offers international investors and other business people a perfect opportunity to make their investment decisions, develop and attain prosperity. Cypriot government has simplified residency programs to enhance foreign investment, thus developing its economy. For instance, the minimum investment in residential property has been capped at €300 thousand. To enter the programs you’ll need to have a yearly income of €30,000 from abroad and other incomes sources apart from employment. In addition to that, the residency permit can be renewed every 2 years in designated government offices. Unlike other countries, Cyprus grants citizenship once an applicant has met one of the set economic requirements individually or as a company.


This country is situated at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe. Its coastline is the longest in the Mediterranean area, it also has many islands, about 227 of them are settled. Greece offers an ample opportunity to get permanent residency through investment. The program was first launched in 2013 and has already attracted many foreigners to use different investment options. To get a residence in this country, one will have to invest in the real estate at least €250,000, this country offers the cheapest economic citizenship across the European continent. Those applicants who are currently staying in Greece, will be able to apply for citizenship after 7 years of living there. Most of the investment for citizenship countries offer passports which expire in less than this period of time. Greek program is also called the Golden Visa, which is a gateway to permanent residency in this region. The application process is very easy: it takes a total of forty days from the moment of investment to the issuance of the Resident Permit.


Portugal is situated in the southwestern part of Europe at the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the oldest countries in the European continent. It is highly developed, has a high per capita income, and its Gross Domestic Product is 77% according to the statistics of 2017. The primary sector of Portugal’s economy is Agriculture. However, other industries such as forestry are very important talking about the improvement of its economy. Moreover, the country has a very diverse culture, stable and safe setting, which are necessary for business and bringing up children. Being one of the permanent residence by investment countries, Portugal has a golden visa program that aims at attracting foreign investments. The program requires the applicant to prove the source of his/her investment funds. Also, all the applicants’ criminal records should be checked before entering a residence program. Like many countries that give residency by buying a house, the main investment option available in Portugal is investing a minimum amount of €350,000 depending on its attributes. It is important to note that acquiring property in an area with low population may lead to reduction of the investment threshold by 20%.

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Located in the southwestern part of the European continent, Spain seems to be a perfect investment destination for many people who wish to achieve various goals. For example, people who would like to stay there with their families and to buy houses for holidays and vacations, often deal with property owned by a foreigner. The economic citizenship in this country is attractive to many global investors, who venture into the real estate using the golden visa program. Minimum investment is €500,000. Investments in real estate help to develop the major economic sector, of Spain, therefore, at Apex Partners, we will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve that.


Malta is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and its major economic drivers are trade and tourism. The nation is characterized by stable and effective systems that are likely to guarantee prosperity to potential investors. According to the real estate investment program, you’ll need to buy a property valued a minimum amount of €320,000. In addition to that, the program allows those who has acquired citizenship by investment to visit about 183 destinations across the world. Besides, individual investors should contribute to the national development at least €650,000. Furthermore, they are required to invest at least €150,000 in financial instruments approved by the government. The second passport obtained is convenient and allows a person to travel freely to any destination in the European Union.

Get in touch with us at APEX and we will answer all your questions about countries that offer citizenship by investment.

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