Green Card

Green card allows immigrants to obtain permanent residency and work permit in the United States of America. It means that individuals who have a green card can emigrate to the US and stay there for any duration as they wish. It is a primary requirement to move to the United States of America. The EB-5 immigrant investment program is the 5th subcategory of employment-based green cards. An individual can acquire a green card in many ways. One of them is by investing some funds in a new United States company.

Qualifying for green card (EB-5)

The applicants for the investment green card can decide to invest individually or they may choose to work as a partnership a larger pool of investors so as to create jobs to a minimum of 10 citizens of the US. The other option to obtain a green card is by an investment of funds totaling 1.8 million USD. However, this amount may be reduced to as low as 900,000 USD in certain circumstances. For many years, the requirement has been a minimum investment amount of 500,000 USD. The legislation was changed in the year 2019, leading to not only the increase in the amount of investment but also a provision for adjustment of the amount for inflation after every 5 years. Smaller investments even below 1 million USD are allowed in regions with high rates of unemployment. This is for economic stimulus reasons. Hence, ownership of a business situated in a local area having high unemployment rates, or in an urban setting with high unemployment proportions make one qualify for the EB-5 program. Additionally, the rate of unemployment must be 150 % and above the federal average.

Merits of investing via regional centers

Investing via Regional Centers has many merits. One of them is that it offers the capacity to count direct and indirect jobs. Under the direct investment program, direct jobs meet the criteria of job creation. Also, under this program, the investors can satisfy the criteria by indicating the indirect job creation out of the pooled funds of other investors in the investment project. Thus, investors need not show that they directly provided job opportunities, meaning that the burden of justifying job creation is borne by the Regional Center.

Other ways for qualifying for a green card (EB-5)  in the US

A green card identifies the holder as a permanent resident of the US, having the rights to enter, exit and also work and live for their entire life. Eventually, the holder can apply for US citizenship through naturalization. The eligibility for US green card falls under one of these categories. Immediate relatives of citizens of the US can get a green card quite easily. This is one of the quickest categories of qualification for a green card. This entails the spouses of those citizens of the US, unmarried people aged 1 year and below, having at least one parent who is a US citizen, US citizens’ parents if the son or daughter is at least 21 years, stepparents and stepchildren of the US citizens, adopted children and also permanent residents. Besides, one can get a green card through the annual lottery.

Summing up

Getting green card through investment can be a lot easier when you have the right information. Indeed, investing through the Regional Centers, which is among the easiest avenues to qualify to get an investment based green card is by investing just 500,000 USD in the Regional Centers, which tend to operate in rural or high unemployment localities, making the investment threshold value to be held to the minimum tier. For more information about the option that will suit your situation, reach out to Apex Capital Partners. Our experts will take you through all the steps.

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