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Citizenship is a relationship of an individual with his or her state, which involves granting of rights to the citizen by the state. Some of these rights include the right to own property, to work, and to vote. In return, this citizen must accept the responsibility to uphold all the laws of the country. Traditionally, the acquisition of citizen by an individual was through birth, marriage or naturalization. To acquire citizenship through naturalization a person should stay in the country for a specified amount of time: only then he or she will be able to apply for citizenship. Investment in a foreign country is now one of the ways to become a citizen in a foreign country.

What Does Citizen Through Investment Mean?

Citizenship through investment is a process of acquiring a second passport in a foreign country by investing in its economy. This process confers the status of citizens more quickly compared to conventional immigration procedures. A critical advantage associated with these programs is that investors rarely put their lives on hold: they go on with their plans almost immediately.

What is the Essence of Acquiring a Second Passport?

Honestly, investment in a second passport is quite expensive. However, there are many benefits associated with it, ranging from security to improved worldwide mobility. Applying for second passports doesn’t take much time, but it gives rise to a life citizenry, free travel through visa, and a valid passport, among many other advantages. It is a gateway to global access to investment opportunities.

Security. Taking into account that home country experiences civil or political unrest, a second passport in a peaceful and stable state can be a life-saver. It can become a priceless insurance for both the investors and their family members.

Global mobility. That’s one more reason why it’s important to get a second citizenship. Most passports restrict mobility through the visas, which forces citizens to get visas every time they go abroad. However, having second citizenship enhances mobility throughout the world. For example, entry through visa is allowed for 26 states, while citizenship in Cyprus grants free entry to about 145 states. It becomes favorable to investors who would like to travel to other countries, it can save them a lot of time, which would be otherwise spent filing applications for visas.

Easy tax management. Having citizenship of two countries at the same time helps optimize taxes. For instance, some states subject the earned income to tax while they don’t tax capital gains. It makes it convenient for business people to efficiently manage their wealth.

Major requirements for Acquiring a Second Passport through investment

Every country that allows CBI programs has its own set of requirements for getting the second citizenship through investment. For instance, some of them require a medical examination and evidence of good health. However, others are not so strict about it. The most common criteria for granting the second passports include the following:

  • clean criminal file;
  • proof of a legal source of funds that will be used for investment;
  • investments into one of the government-approved sectors such as government bonds or real estate.

It’s important to weigh out the options before making an application.

A. Donating to a state fund

Countries’ governments can exchange citizenship for obtaining money when they are in need of capital. The funds will be spent on education, infrastructure, for example, roads, and health care services provision. You’ll get your second passport after donation and won’t be able to get your money back. However, even if it is disadvantageous, it is the easiest option to acquire citizenship. Besides, it is very simple.

B. Buying a government-approved estate

Obtaining second citizenship through buying real estate, approved by the state authorities, entails a large amount of money and a high amount of fees for application subject to the government. It ranges between twenty-five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars. Even though it entails huge investment, it’s guaranteed that at least a small amount of this money will be recovered if you decide to sell the property. Furthermore, you’re promised to get more in return if the sector booms.

C. Investing in Business

It is possible to invest in approved businesses, but the option is more costly than real estate investment. Caribbean countries that offer citizenship through investment restrict investing in local businesses. This option is very risky because some of the investments may experience a steady decline, making your investment become a very expensive donation to that country.

D. Buying bonds

Government bonds are another alternative to acquiring citizenship in a foreign country through investment. The majority of countries don’t provide such an option, however, a small number of states give that choice. Thus, the investment is locked in an interest-free account for many years. While it may seem a very cheap alternative to getting the second passport, it is important to understand that invested money can’t be returned.

Investment Conferences. What are they?

Citizenship by investment conferences are forums that are meant to enhance political deliberations and, therefore, allow the participants to discuss commercial, economic, and cultural cooperation among various states of the region. Majorly, economic cooperation is enhanced by allowing foreign citizens to acquire a country’s citizenship after meeting the requirements. One of those requirements is to have a certain value of real estate investment. Indeed, this is something that can go a long way to solving the problems experienced in the host nation in return.

Which Countries Host Investment Conferences?

The investment conferences are organized around the world by countries of Europe, America, and Asia. The participant countries are only those that are willing to facilitate the acquisition of second citizenship by allowing the applicants to invest in their jurisdiction. The major countries include the USA, Canada, Malta, Montenegro, Antigua, Cyprus, and Moldova among many others. Depending on your preferred destination, Apex Capital Partners can offer critical insight into each available option to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Best conferences for citizen through investment

One of popular conferences is the Investment in South Asia Conference, where many officials from various governments in the region gather. Furthermore, professionals and investors across the world get an opportunity to interact. The main aim of these meetings is to make the region stronger in terms of economic development. In addition, it helps to get more insight into the actual cases, explorations and presentations. Any individual, who aspires to acquire a second passport through investment, can get his or her assumptions challenged in addition to gaining new viewpoints or perspectives.

Who attends the conferences?

Many international delegates and exhibitors from all over the world.

What are other conferences to attend and gain useful insight into citizen by investment programs?

Attending a conference where you will learn how to get a second passport is a nice idea. Many forums like this are organized all over the world. In this list we provide a few events you can choose from. We at Apex can help you find the best conference and coordinate all arrangements for your attendance. We will advise you on the registration process, charges for attending, topics, and other things important for the event.

World Urban Forum

This is the most important conference all over the world, which takes place in cities. It welcomes international visitors such as businesspeople.

Global Investment Immigration Summit

This conference brings together many real estate developers, immigration companies, and immigration funds from various countries. It allows foreign attendees to describe their investment by immigration programs in the rapidly growing investment market in Asia. It also enables one to one business exchange with reputable individuals and established business people. In summary, it offers a great chance to learn about the opportunities and trends in global investment programs.

USA Investment Management Conferences

These conferences are held in many cities across the United States of America. The conferences give a lot of opportunities to meet various organizations and discuss different topics relevant to global investment. The main topic that is covered at most of these forums is citizenship by investment programs in the United States of America. Some major cities that hold these conferences include Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Washington D.C, and Chicago.

European Investment Conference

Delegates from over 50 countries come to this conference, which give a nice opportunity to learn how to get your second passport and invest in some countries across the Europe. It offers a platform to network with key players of the industry, for example, the leading investment professionals in Europe.

IRC Conference

International Residence and Citizenship Conference (IRCC) is another chance to explore global citizenship by investment opportunities. It also covers what a second passport of foreign states can bring to the investors. The conference takes place in Turkey every year. Get in touch with Apex Capital Partners to learn more about the timings, requirements for registration and the programs in following countries: Montenegro, Cyprus, and Turkey. The topics are usually presented by the top professionals and organizations of the industry.

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